Sport Chek Opening Olympic Manifesto


Sport Chek Opening Olympic Manifesto

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[Sport Chek Opening Olympic Manifesto]


We hope every seat is full.
We hope you hear them cheer for everyone…but you.
We hope defeat is in your cards.
We hope your hope splinters into shards that you must handpick from the bleeding wound of your defeat.
We hope that every athlete you meet is better, more determined than you.
Because you need to be tested the same way wrong needs right.
The same way roar needs fight.
You must fight to be here.
You must pay with sacrifice,
You must disregard the price of admission,

If you want in it will cost you.
It will cost you broken bones and blood.
We hope for a flash flood of fear and uncertainty,
We wish this misery upon you because it gives birth to brilliance.

There will be a moment in which everything you want becomes a singular goal.
A moment of debt when every heartbeat you own can’t pay for every breath you stole.
You must pay with the whole of you, because this is the price and these are the stakes,
You must pay for all the hurts and all the aches,
You must open your heart like a vault and pay for your pain because this…this is what it takes.




Sport Chek Opening Olympic Manifesto

Sport Chek Opening Olympic Manifesto
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