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Speaking Test

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[Speaking Test]

What is your favorite career? Source: LYBIO.net

South Korea.

In your country if I visit someone’s home for dinner should I take anything?

Yeah. A shower.

Where are you from?

I’m Japanese, but I’m studying in the USA.

Oh! Ohayoo!

No. California.

Oh. Arigatoo.

Harry Potter!

What are the advantages of a bicycle compared to a car?

It’s easier to steal a bicycle.

What do you like most about your neighbours?

They have gone to live in another country.

Where are you from?


If visit your country what kind of food should I try?

Spanish food.

What is the difference between life when your parents were young and life nowadays?

When they were young they were not my parents.

Tell me about something unforgettable that someone gave you.

A headache.

And who gave it to you?

My teacher.

Tell me about a useless object that you would like to replace.

My boyfriend.

Tell me about an interesting photo you have taken.

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet.

Tell me about a new and exciting experience you have had.

I walked down the street without looking at my iPhone.

Let’s talk about drinks. What is the most popular drink in your country?


And… what do people drink at special times?

Hot water.

When is the best time to visit your country?

Lunch time.

Tell me about a problem you have had.

I went to the toilet but there was no paper.

How did you resolve the problem?

I ordered a pizza with extra napkins.

Let’s talk about dancing. Do you prefer to dance or watch others dancing?

I prefer to watch others dancing.


I have two broken legs. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Speaking Test

Speaking Test

Speaking Test. Tell me about something unforgettable that someone gave you. A headache. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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