Somedayistoday PSA


Somedayistoday PSA

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[Somedayistoday PSA]

“We Shall Overcome.” Boris Kodjoe

“We Shall Overcome.” Kimberly Elise

“We Shall Overcome Some Day.” Marlon Wayans

“Deep in my heart I do believe, we shall overcome some day.” Hosea Chanchez

“We’ll walk hand and hand, we’ll walk hand in hand, we’ll walk hand in hand some day.” Meagan Good

“Deep in my heart I do believe.” Rutina Wesley

“We shall live in peace – we shall live in peace.” Affion Crockett

“We shall live in peace someday.” Larenz Tate

“Oh deep in my heart, I do believe, I do believe.” Luis Guzman

“We Shall All Be Free. We Shall All Be Free. “We Shall All Be Free, Someday” Michael Ealy

“Oh deep in my heart we are not afraid.” Nicole Ari Parker

“We are not afraid. We are not afraid. Today, deep in my heart.” Kendrick Sampson

“We Shall Overcome. We Shall Overcome. We Shall Overcome Someday.” Tika Sumpter

“Deep in my heart, I do believe.” Keisha Epps

“We Shall Overcome —- Someday.” Meagan Good

“When is someday?” Aja Naomi King

We have been fighting against SYSTEMIC RACISM, WRONGFUL INCARCERATION AND POLICE BRUTALITY for longer than most of us have been alive.


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Somedayistoday PSA

Somedayistoday PSA

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