Soldier David For Change On Kratom


Soldier David For Change On Kratom

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[Soldier David For Change On Kratom]

[Soldier David:] Source:
Hi, my name is David and I am kind of filming this off the cuff. I just got home from work. It’s what like 3 in the morning I actually worked pretty late today. Now today I got some news that Kratom, which is a substance that you know I use for pain is going to be classified as a Schedule I drug by the DA or the Attorney General or some Federal Agency, two days from now.

Now they’ll site all these reasons and yada yada yada abuse and this and that and that and the third.

I want to start-off by saying that I’m a U.S. Army veteran. I was 2009 U.S. Army Medical Soldier of the Year.

I mean these are my awards for my service you got this the Medical Soldier of the Year. Here you know just all these different awards, my airborne trophies yada yada yada and me and my daughter et cetera.

Now the reason I have all these trophies and stuff out here. It’s not to brag. It’s to show that you know I’m not some deadbeat junkie abusing narcotics or what have you.

I’m just a person who is a disabled vet who has some of the worst foot and lower back pain known to man. I like to be very active and exercise and do all these different things and it’s very difficult with the amount of pain that I have. So I got introduced to Kratom after –

I mean look at my medicine cabinet here actually. Let’s take a look, well let’s see. These are just a couple of examples of the kind of stuff that you get at let’s say the V.A. hospitals and such.

Okay, so I was getting migraine headaches. So you know it tells me that I should take this sumatriptan succinate. Which is you know a pharmaceutical and then you got, who knows what this is, the labels even off of it. I don’t even know but it’s another pharmaceutical. Now the thing is that sumatriptan is supposed to treat my migraines but one of the side effects is that I get migraines. It says right on the label, prolonged use may cause migraine headaches; the actual drug that’s supposed to be treating my migraine headaches.

So I got introduced, one of my best friend introduced me to this substance called Kratom. I started taking it and my pain went away and surprise, surprise and I’ve been using it all the time, the pain is, you know, to make this stuff basically, you know, I brew up some tea leaves, you know, and then you know let it seep for 40 minutes or what not, have a cup of tea. I feel better.

I mean, there’s like a pretty, pretty, you know pleasant effect I would say. I wouldn’t call it – lets say like marijuana or like cocaine or heroin or something like that. I mean my goodness. It helps with pain and it feels good and that’s it. I mean they’ve. They’ve decided to make this a Schedule I drug. I have no – I have no idea.

In fact, I do have an idea who is responsible for this decision.

[Soldier David:] Source:
I want to back up for a second and say that I was on the radio. Last spring or last winter, you know advocating for Kratom on behalf of the U.S. Army veterans. And at the time because I was on the radio I was careful I wasn’t able to exactly say; Oh I think that you know pharmaceutical companies are behind the demonification of Kratom.

Now this is my private video and I’m going to send it out and I’m going to say this it is 100%, these pharmaceutical companies are trying to push their drugs, this one drug I don’t have the name right now. But they’re pushing that drug specifically so that they can do what they do best. Make money, whereas Kratom, which is actually helping people is being pushed as a Schedule I. Something that comes directly from a plant just like marijuana let’s say is being Schedule I, whereas these chemically like altered whatever you call

This, This, This, This.

This is not Schedule I. That’s not Schedule I, I might – do I seem angry. Yes because you’re taking away a right that I fought for, okay when I did my tour in Iraq. I fought for the right to be in America and be able to help myself to cure myself, I am not talking about snorting cocaine, shooting up heroin, I am not even talking about puffing a joint.

You know what I’m talking about brewing some tea, some tea leaves, having a sip and feeling better, being able to go for a run because my feet don’t kill me. You know after six years in the Army.

So I guess I’m reaching out to anybody who has any voice at all which we all do, to get on to your congress people’s websites senators websites. Veterans, as veterans mark yourself as veterans get on these websites et cetera Kratom, K R A T O M, some people say Kratom I don’t know how I’m supposed to say it, it’s K R A T O M Google it. Find out about it talk about it. Let’s get this thing out there. Let’s talk – let’s have this conversation and not have these Attorney Generals or whoever who are clearly paid off doing these things behind closed doors.

Okay nobody knows about this, if I go on Facebook or talk to my friends and ask them about Kratom do they know what’s going on. Nobody knows nobody even knows what it is. And yet somehow our government has found a way to, they are about to make this a Schedule I drug.

So the Kratom that I have in my house which I have in my fridge. So the tea leaves that I have to brew. So you know somebody can knock on my door and tell me that now it’s against the law and now it’s illegal and you know just like the days of prohibition. And what do we do now we sell alcohol, just because it’s profitable.

I’m telling you the government just they’d, hasn’t found a way to I guess what – tax people who are getting Kratom.

I don’t know, I don’t know I really don’t know what the MO is. I don’t want to try to get in these people’s heads. All I know is that you guys are causing a U.S. Army veteran someone like me to suffer and I don’t like it. And it pisses me off.

Okay, I don’t want to be some horrible little man hooked on all these stupid pharmaceutical drugs that you guys push. You know how many vets I know you know how many guys I know out on the street people, these homeless people you know how they get there. They are not all crazy alcoholic kooks. They’re the ones that are taking your prescribed Ambien, which suddenly puts you into some hypnotic sleepwalking type situation where I know of people who’ve gotten themselves in a lot of trouble that way.

And these are prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. You know and because the pharmaceutical industry can’t make money off of Kratom that’s the thing. They cannot make money off of Kratom. Therefore they pay lobbyists to lobby people like the FDA. who then in turn go push and lobby or whatever they do people like the DEA and the Attorney Generals and those people obviously are inclined to do what these FDA people do or what not because is promotions, pockets being lined et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

[Soldier David:] Source:
It’s conspiratorial 100%. This isn’t bullshit do the research do the math, figure it out for yourselves. All right.

This is me I in my rawest form 3 in the morning. Again I’ll flip and show you this was the United States Army Medical Command Non-Commissioned Officer of the year 2009. These are all my military awards. This is what I did you know, these are the pins you get, these are the, I don’t remember, challenge coins that you would get you know when you do something great. In the army people display theirs I just have mine in this big jar. This is what I did in my career understand? And now like a basic right just to feel well you know, is being taken away from me.

Why? Because people want to make their money and you know what I mean pharmaceutical companies want to sell drugs that get people hooked and get people on the street and you know and get people in rehab. They’re not they’re not in the business of curing anybody.

You saw Shkreli or whatever his name is, you know charging 5000% markup for AIDS drugs, these are the same people. He just had, he was just a face of the rest of the pharmaceutical industry. You know I’m not saying all pharmaceutical drugs are bad or anybody in big pharma is bad. I do know a few people who do work in that in that industry and I don’t approve that the whole industry whatsoever, but at the same time you know one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bush. Right now they’re spoiling my livelihood.

I just asked that I know. This was a very long video and pretty much a rant but I do ask that, I don’t know, take the time to do the research – I don’t know – just to do something and I need help, I guess, you know because this is going to be Schedule I. I don’t want to break the law. You know I don’t want my daughter to suddenly have her dad in jail because he had Kratom. So stupid, you know. Meanwhile I’m not – I wouldn’t go to jail for having this shit this, this – this nothing would happen to me but if I had Kratom.

You know – I am screwed and do the right thing talk to your Congress people, Senators whoever you can do it online do whatever you got to do.

We need to stop this shit all right.

Kratom should not be a Schedule I drug along the same lines as heroin and cocaine.

[Soldier David:] Source:
It’s retarded – do the right thing. Shame on you Pharmaceutical Industry. Shame on you FDA. Shame on you Attorney General. Shame on you DEA.

Soldier David For Change On Kratom

Soldier David For Change On Kratom

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