SoFlo Antonio H3H3Productions Exposed


SoFlo Antonio H3H3Productions Exposed

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[SoFlo Antonio H3H3Productions Exposed]

[Antonio Lievano (SoFloAntonio):] Source:
Hey guys, it’s SoFlo and I have some very sad news for some of you guys. And I’m just going to suggest everyone to take a quick little seat, because this is going to become really hard to some of you guys, it’s about H3H3Productions, AK, yo boy, Ethan Klein. So all right, check this out.

So I’m going to be telling you guys, the true story about H3H3Productions.

How did H3H3Productions become famous, where did he come from, how did he become an internet god.

Well, let’s scroll down to find out, where did it all start. It started with this video Wiping, let’s open it up.

[Ethan Klein:]
I feel like, I would like to be a comedian.

And this is where it all started, he would like to be a comedian. But you know what happened, Ethan Klein did not succeed. When he first uploaded this video, he realized that there is a lot of trouble.

There are people that didn’t want to watch his videos, his videos were only getting 100, 200, 500 views, he was tired of it. He knew he had to find a new way out, a new way to get more views, a new way to manipulate the whole entire internet to become his minions.

Okay, so let’s go back, let’s figure it out, how did he do it. If he realized, he couldn’t find success, making his own videos. What did he do, that’s right guys.

Even Ethan Klein who accused me of stealing videos, which I licensed and he himself, stole videos to start off and he’s still does guys. Watch this, this is not his video.

Example number two, again not his video, not his video, not his video.

Damn even this Jurassic Park rip, not his video, all copyright.

All he talks about me is about I steal videos.

Let’s get back to you, Ethan. All you do steal videos, you became big on other people’s content.

At the end of the day, I think you’re just someone that’s a little bit butt hurt, because at first you didn’t have it easy. But the funny thing is that all of us YouTubers went through the same thing, you did. We had to grow our channels from bottom to top. It was not easy to get to where we are.

So before you go about, shit talking anymore You Tubers, you hypocrite, why don’t you take that log out of your own eye, before you try to remove the speck in someone else’s. [Matthew 7:5] Peace-out.

SoFlo Antonio H3H3Productions Exposed

SoFlo Antonio H3H3Productions Exposed

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