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Soap Game

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[Soap Game]


Hi I’m Billy, and I’m going to teach you a little something called ‘soap game’.

Now… if you ever dropped your soap in the shower and been a little bit too lazy to pick it up, not to worry.

I’ve invented what’s called the soap game about four years back.

So all you do, give the soap a swift kick, grab it in your hands, it’s like this.


Now that was an easy one.

We’re going to go a little bit more technical. SOAP GAME AH-HUT!

Now… a little bit more technical.

Now, for the grand finally, I’m going to kick the soap up, it’s going to go up the wall and land behind these two soaps, let’s just make it three. Make it little bit more difficult. Land behind these three soap bars, and stay there. If I mess this up, just end the video immediately.

This one’s for you, Danny!



Soap Game

Soap Game

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