Smosh – Stop Miley


Smosh – Stop Miley

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[Smosh – Stop Miley]

OMG! Have you seen what Miley did today? Source:

Shut up!


Donate all your money
I need it for Miley
It’s all because of her dad
She got so gross and so sad

How did this beautiful girl turn into this thing? Hi, I’m Sarah McLachlan, you may know me from some other extremely depressing commercials such as the one with all the sick dogs, the dying poor people – whatever! But I’m here to discuss the even more important issue:

Stopping Miley From Twerking And Acting Like An All Around Tool Bag.


SMFTAALAAATB; for short. Source:

She’s out of control.

And I can’t stop sticking my tongue out.


First it was twerking, then it was making out with an inanimate objects. And now she’s doing something that no white girl from Tennesse should ever do. Rapping.

I don’t know how to rap. (mumbling) MAP

And she needs your help to stop this.

*I Can’t Stop And I Won’t –* [slapped]

As you can see Miley is crying out for help

*It’s My Life I Can Cry If I Want To* [slapped] Source:

Let me show you how you can help.

For only 5 cents a day, you can put some real clothes on Miley.

Ew, ewww.

That money could go to feeding 10 starving children in Zimbabwe but this is obviously more important. When you donate you’ll be given a welcome kit containing a picture of Miley, 20 strands of her hair ripped out and hand sanitizer. Just in case you come in contact with her. Please help this poor girl who is plagued with diseases like:

Pancake Ass Syndrome

As you can see her condition is only getting worse.

*I’m naked to get attention!*

And recently she’s been

*- naked to get attention!* Source:

And recently she’s been doing this face. Which I guess she thinks it’s attractive. And if she doesn’t stop, this is how deformed she’ll look in ten years.


Stop her rapping. Stop her twerking. Stop her from having sex with power tools.

Join the millions of voices crying out to stop Miley.

STOP That bitch.
I don’t know, I think Miley she’s kind of hot twerking in those —

So won’t you join us and STOP MILEY before she becomes a complete train wreck like Amanda Bynes.

It’s my life I can be a complete train wreck like Amanda Bynes if I want to!

Donate all your money I need it for Miley.

Join us now.


Nice job Sarah! Now people are totally gonna Tweet about me for at least a week longer #STOPMILEY

*I’m naked to get attention!*

To see bloopers and this:

Everyone knows I really have a big [S]
Click the video here;
How do I take off [ ].
Click the subscribe button to help the campaign to Stop Miley

It’s my tongue I can lick what I want to.

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