Siemens The Beer Engineer


Siemens The Beer Engineer

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[Siemens The Beer Engineer]

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[Morten (Engineer at Siemens):]
We have a saying at the festival: Beer and sausages solve everything. So it’s crucial that you can get beer 24-7.

Engineer at Siemens

Three of us teamed up to make this beer system for the Smukfest Festival. You scan your chip bracelet. The PLC then sends the data to our server. This 1200 PLC is the heart of our beer system. We have some I/Os. 3 communication cards communicate with the bracelet. That makes an automatic beer system. The benefit is no cash and no glass-litter.

Furthermore, you don’t have to hire a bartender. I’m living my dream. I get to dive into things and keep abreast of new technology. I love that.

A good employee moment at Smukfest is when the music’s rocking – and all the stages and the forest resound with music – and then to be here in Technology Town, the craftmen’s hangout – and have a beer with your colleagues and just enjoy life – knowing that there’s a huge party around the corner just waiting for you.

I can easily justify spending so much time on this beer system – because there are plenty of synergies to my professional work. I can use Smukfest as an example when I talk to customers. But I doubt it’ll work on my wife.

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Siemens The Beer Engineer

Siemens The Beer Engineer

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