Shoe0nHead Being A Woman On Youtube The Truth


Shoe0nHead Being A Woman On Youtube The Truth

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[Shoe0nHead Being A Woman On Youtube The Truth]

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Somebody said a mean thing on the internet of all places.


So there is this video flying around the internet that you guys have been sending me non-stop. And today is the day I finally listened to you dirty peasants. And me as a holder of the official women card, yes, a women card by Hillary Clinton. She is selling women cards.

The Official ‘Woman Card’
The Official Hillary for America
Deal me in >>>

Tell Donald Trump you’re a card-carrying member of the majority. Made in America.
Made in America.

The fine line between parity and reality has officially been blurred. God bless you America.

I wish I was dead a little bit, so without further ado here is ‘men never get heat on YouTube ever’. This is only a problem women face, so we have to address it in front of a white background with royalty free piano, Women on YouTube the TRUTH.

The TRUTH is in all caps. It is like some Alex Jones shit. Globalus, poisoning our water supply exposed truth real.

As a woman on YouTube, I would describe my experience as careful, empowering, brave.

It’s all right.

There is lot of judgment when it comes to women and the kind of content they create.

Okay. But this is really isn’t a gender issue, I feel like I am going to be saying that a lot during this video. I have a feeling that is going to be said a lot during this video. But this isn’t a gender issue, there is so much judgment on all types of media. If you don’t want criticism or judgment just turn your comments off, turn your ratings off and live in a bubble where everybody agrees with you.

People tend to sexualize you.

Okay. Since you’re speaking from experience, I am going to speak from experience. It doesn’t mean I’m right. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong. It doesn’t mean that that never happens to you, and that like everything that happens to me just happens universally, but I’ll never see this sexualization, maybe because I am not hot or maybe because I don’t sexualize myself. In facts, I go out of my way to buy baggie t-shirts for videos.

I know — you will never catch me dead in a t-shirt in real life. No. Again, this is not only a gender issue because the one time I did show my body figure, there was one video and five comments were about my boobs and thousands of comments, I am not exaggerating were about how hot my boyfriend is.

And hey, did you ever considered because you do sexualize yourself a little bit, just a little bit, Jaclyn just – just a little bit. Just a little – You want to show off your body, that’s awesome man, be confident, show it off. I’m sure you work really hard for it, but don’t sit here and insult our intelligence by pretending you don’t – Do not insult my intelligence! I have very little of it and I don’t like when it’s insulted.

Instead of focusing on things that you’re saying and the point you’re trying to make go focus on, you know what you look like that day.

Take a shot, every single time these things apply to men too. God, that should be – that should be feminism on the internet in general. Take a shot every time like some first world problem also affects the other sex. We’d all be drunk and we’d all be dead, maybe we’d be happier that way.

I am a woman and I’m going to be a mother one day.

Me too, maybe, so let’s not raise another generation of whiny babies with victim complexes, okay.

I could be giving a heartfelt personal story about some hardship that I’ve gone through yet, you know a large number of comments will be, show me your tits.

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Do not trust the internet to be serious ever. I am sure there were thousands and thousands comments comforting you and telling you how amazing you are, but they’re focusing on the negative, don’t focus on the negative, ignore them, like – show me your tits is like entry level troll stuff, come on Jaclyn, you’ve been on the internet for a long time. I know you know this.

I wouldn’t even rape you.

THIS – THIS right here was the nail in the coffin that maybe you want to respond to this video. This is literally the opposite of a rape threat, like what I’ll have you know good sir, I’m quite rapable. WHAT THE – you had to find just a few examples of this harassment you see on YouTube and the one thing you could think of to put in your royalty free said, oh look, oh my God, I am a women, I’m on the internet. The one thing was the opposite of a rape threat, somebody telling you they do not want to rape you.

I had a conversation with….

Philip DeFranco, yeah, you guys did a really good job to covering that one up.

Who said that, listen Olga, if you’re not getting lots of opportunities, your channel will disappear in the next two years unless you’ll go back to basics and spread your legs.

What’s funny is Philip DeFrance actually confronted her after this video was made and apparently he was talking about her gymnastics routine she used to do on YouTube and she already knew that, yeah, got to push that agenda somehow.

People have described in detail and in email, how Bria should wrap me up in duct tape.

Go on.

Until I suffocate to death and then those people could come and watch.

Yeah, that’s pretty creepy, but it’s not a threat, more like a weird suggestion. I get those two. Show us your painted toenails. No, foot fag, I wasn’t born yesterday. I know your tricks.

I can pull a lot of thought into something and I can put my heart into something, and sometimes I’ll say it and I’ll make a video that is probably great and I won’t even post it, because I feel like people are going to look at it and you know, they won’t take it seriously.

Or they’ll find out it was plagiarized.

No, this just seems like a normal case of you being too hard on yourself. Who cares man? Put whatever you want on the internet. Some people are going to like it and some people won’t. Don’t be too hard on yourself, enjoy it.

Just because you think that some people might not appreciate what you brewing up in your head – just go for it and push it out there.

Tell Jaclyn that, she is right there. Are you guys in the same – [room]…tell her that.

As a woman I am offered far a less money than my male counterparts.

Only because you’re a woman, is this some wage gap logic I’m hearing right now.

There are dozens over the factors that contribute to this, views, ads, subscribers, partnerships, like how do these people look at bad things happening to them and just automatically assume it’s because they are women. Like, how much do you hate your own vagina to think that everything bad that happens to you is because of ‘vagina’?

Spinosaurus Kim @spinosauruskin – 6m
@shoe0nhead ur not funny

Uh… All this hate. It can’t because I’m unfunny or that I’m not entertaining or look like a who from Whoville, no… no, no, no – that can’t be it. It must be, yes, that’s it. My vagina. What!!!?

I’ve actually had to come to the point where I make a fake email that’s a man, mine is Ryan.

Oh my God, that was you. Wow, I’ve had some steamy exchanges with Ryan. You’re into some crazy shit, Jaclyn.

Listen, we pop babies out of our vaginas, we can do anything.

Yes, yes, that is what I’m saying – that’s what I have been saying through this entire video, so stop pretending that woman cannot handle the internet. Thank you.

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What bothers me a lot about this video was not to try hard sadness and victim status, but it was the fact that Jaclyn Glenn is one of the lead voices in the atheisms sphere on YouTube and she is like one of the only woman, and instead of being like a role model to other girls who might want to make videos about atheisms or whatever she does now a days.

Instead she is like, hey, there is going to be bad things that people say on the internet instead of talking about how amazing her experiences on YouTube and all the great opportunities she has gotten from it.

That’s like – like I get messages from girls all the time on Twitter, on YouTube telling me that I’m such an influence and they were scared to a start making videos about his, but now they want to and it like just warms my cold little heart. Could you imagine if I were just like, well guess, what bitch, there is going to be some mean comments that don’t even try, log off.

Listen I am a very sensitive person. People who watch my channel wouldn’t guess that, but I’m, I am very emotional.

When I’m angry, I cry. When I’m sad, I cry. When I’m happy, I cry. Hold the baby Bunny – tears. Hallmark commercial – tears.

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Do what you want to do. Say what you want to say, some people will like it, other people won’t. That’s just life. Appreciate the positive. Don’t dwell in the negative. But please, for the love of God, stop pretending that women are fragile, crippled, subhumans who cannot handle texts on the internet. Thank you and good night.

Shoe0nHead Being A Woman On Youtube The Truth

Shoe0nHead Being A Woman On Youtube The Truth

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