Shia LaBeouf Freestyling


Shia LaBeouf Freestyling

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[Shia LaBeouf Freestyling]

[Shia Saide LaBeouf (June 11, 1986):] Source:
And I’m bustin’ and I’m coming in
Watch him cause he’s sick
When he be coming with these bars and shit
Oh shit it’s me, I’m so fucking disgusted
Busting I already said it and I get it I’m a cousin
Yeah I’m so cuzzed out
And you already know me, homie
You can’t really clone me
Unless you hold me and you fold me
It don’t make no sense but I still get it like I got it, though
Rocking like a novice but I rock it like a rocket, though

Got no words left but I still spit it so disgusting, though
Still get it busting I’m still (ah I said it though)
(Ripping) My shit is still ripping, give me words though
Flip it like a smooth guy
Ambidextrous, and I’m still flexing kid
You can’t really fuck with this
Dog I’m the best in the West and shit
If you could give me the shoe, yo you know the shoe fits
And this Jew do spew shit and the shit’s sick
Oh shit, best to do this since 2Pac was doing music
Yes sir this Jewish kid still spew the sick shit, though
Watch me I got a sick flow, yea I still get dough
Shifting gears, spit flow, shit, shit, rip low
Got it young
Full clip though
Nah none of that
Transformers is the dummy rap
I’m so past that,
Sin City lapsed that,
Yo, I’m on some new shit.

Save me and I’m lying, dog you can’t really fly with me
I’m sick yo, I still rip like I’m ridin’ G

[Shia LaBeouf:] Source:
Oh shit, give me a word, a syllable, a verb
Damn, I’m a nerd, still ripping so absurd
Give me a pronoun, an adjective

And I get at it, kid, you can see me I’m rappin’ shit
Oh shit, I’m still rappin’ shit, and I’m still at this shit
And I’m still active with the shit active with
You see that I’m still active with it

The shit I’m still active with
You can see that I’m still elastic and shit I’m still stretch it out, homie
And my shit is still dramatic kid

Watch me and I’m flagrant, I don’t give a fuck and I make it
Watch me, I’m the greatest
You can’t stop me and I make it
Still breaking down potatoes like I’m fucking Galileo
I’m still up inside the sky like I’m fucking mashed potatoes
Making no sense and it don’t really matter though
Eat any rapper like I’m eating tuna casserole
I don’t really give a fuck, yeah I still spit a bunch
Watch me, yo watch I give a fuck I still spit it cause
Yo I’m so cuzzed out, cause I’m from the loved-out
Yeah L.A. you can watch me and I bump out
I don’t give a fuck, I’m still bumping ’bout something
And I’m so underground that rap kids call me Tubman
Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Rare commodity, the quality is what it’s got to be
And my philosophy is much further than what your eyes can see
Half-ass cash, you could get the fast cash
But I got a gas mask so you know I got the last laugh

Shia LaBeouf Freestyling

Shia LaBeouf Freestyling

Shia LaBeouf Freestyling. Rocking like a novice but I rock it like a rocket, though. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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