Sheriff Bob Gualtieri’s Response To Media


Sheriff Bob Gualtieri’s Response To Media

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[Sheriff Bob Gualtieri’s Response To Media]

[Reporter:] Source:
You also posted on your Facebook page —

[Sheriff Bob Gualtieri:]
Well, because the extensive unfortunate, just misinformation that’s going on out there by a number of people with this false narrative, which is just nonsense. And so, you know, when we put out those media packets, is that you all were provided with all of the video, but unfortunately, some media outlets only played one portion of one video, of one deputy who happened to be on a perimeter and he is very misleading. And some media outlets, in their captions, in their narratives, said that this calls in the question and people are calling into question where the deputies went into the pond, and it is just wrong, because that was one deputy who was on a perimeter who he never said was a deputy that went in the water and there was probably a well over 15 deputies out there.

And people are saying, and then you’ve got some really irresponsible people who are writing articles and put them all over social media and Facebook is blowing up with it, saying that, I lied and that we are not telling the truth about the deputies that went in. And the packet that we have has information in it — and reports that were written by the deputies, who took their gun belts off, took the clothes off and went in the water. Those deputies aren’t lying and they are in the investigator reports that you all got. If anybody take a chance to read them, they’d see that they are there.

And then you got a video on there that shows those same deputies walk it around without their gun belts on, without their clothes on, and deputy don’t just take their clothes off for, you know, any reason in the middle of the night at 4 o’clock in the morning. They too their clothes off, because they went in the water, trying to rescue those girls.

So what’s being promulgated out there is a false narrative and a flat out lie, and we put that out there, because there were so much of it being said to take that snippet and show there is video if people care to look for it and watch it that supports what we’ve said. I don’t think we need the video. If we’ve come to a point in this world where if it’s – unless it’s on video, it didn’t happen, then that’s sad, but to the extent of the video, confirms what we said, that’s why we put it out.

[Unidentified Speaker:] Source:
(Audio inaudible) On that video people have been commenting that the Deputy was kind of walking by all relaxed, they didn’t look like they had been in the water.

[Sheriff Bob Gualtieri:]
I don’t care what those people say. That’s a bunch of nonsense and they need to stop it, because it’s a bunch of junk. Those deputies went in that water trying to save those girls at their own peril, but when they go in that water, it’s all sludge and they’re up to their knees and they’re getting tangled in weeds and everything else. They don’t need to die over and they made a decision. One of the deputies that went in, is on our dive team. He’s trained in that and he made a decision, it’s too dangerous for me to go out there.

So, I don’t really care what they say. I really don’t. You know, they can make these bold wild allegations all day long. The fact is, three girls, 14 and 15, 4 o’clock in the morning in a stolen car, running from the police, and the three of them combined had seven prior arrests for stealing cars in the last year. That’s the problem we need to focus on, and this isn’t a problem with the sheriff’s offices and this isn’t a problem with the police.

This is a problem with those kids engaged in criminal conduct, running from the police. The police tried to go in the water and safe their life and they couldn’t do it. And everybody who is saying these guys didn’t do their jobs or were providing false information, needs to stop that irresponsible rhetoric, because it’s nonsense.

[Unidentified Speaker:] Source:
One quick question on to that, I know someone on the scene you all take pictures, for evidence purposes – is there anything showing that the officers are with plain clothing, obviously, like you said — (Audio inaudible).

[Sheriff Bob Gualtieri:]
No, why would we do that.Why would we do that? That’s not evidence of anything. Why would we do that?

[Unidentified Speaker:]
I believe that, what we’ve seen on Facebook, just for (Audio inaudible) comments uh… you see people say, as she mentioned their clothing is so clean; maybe they thought about going in, but didn’t, is there anything that can prove without a doubt these deputy’s, that at least one went in that water?

[Sheriff Bob Gualtieri:]
Did you read their report?

[Unidentified Speaker:] Source:
I have not seen it yet.

[Sheriff Bob Gualtieri:]
Read their report. The deputy said they went in the water. They got tangled in the weeds. It was muddy. They sunk down and they felt it was too dangerous to proceed. Read their report. Read the dive team logs, they show there is zero visibility, what the conditions were in the water. It’s all there.

[Unidentified Speaker:]
(Audio inaudible) challenge what the reports – Facebook saying on —

[Sheriff Bob Gualtieri:]
I’m done with it. There was nothing. They can challenge all they want and they’re trying too in the media. They don’t have any, any cause of actions against those. They don’t have a viable claim against us. They don’t have anything other than this really irresponsible rhetoric, in a false narrative that they decide to keep going. Why don’t we worry about why these girls were doing what they were doing, and try and prevent any other kids from going down that path.

Let’s focus on fixing the problem we have in Pinellas County, with 2,800 stolen cars in a year and 1,500 of them coming out of the City of St. Petersburg, and all these kids; last Friday night, last Friday night, The Auto Theft task force in St. Petersburg. Middle of the night, 1 o’clock in the morning, five kids 13, three 14 year olds and a fifteen year old, they’re in a stolen car. They run from the police. Same story, they wreck, they get out, they run. K9 traces them down.

Those five kids, one of those girls, 14 years old, she got out of a DJJ residential program Friday afternoon on a weekend pass, Friday night she is out stealing cars and between those five kids 13,three 14 year olds and a fifteen year old, they had 63 prior arrests in the last 18 months. That’s what we need to be talking about and people need to stop saying that these deputies didn’t do their job.

These deputies did their job.

That’s a problem, same night up in Clearwater, the same night, four kids in the City of Clearwater, stolen car, 14 and 15 years old, between them 25 prior arrests.

Saturday night, into Sunday morning this week, St. Petersburg, fifteen year old, in the last year he has been arrested fifteen times, five of them for auto theft. That’s the problem.

[Unidentified Speaker:]
(Audio inaudible) So what’s being done to combat it?

[Sheriff Bob Gualtieri:] Source:
A lot of things are being done to combat. The Auto Theft Task Force we are putting together an initiative, they want to deal with these kids, the highest recidivism, and we had meetings on this week and there is a lot of action being done by law enforcement, and as we put it together we will announce it at the right time, but we are working on it and we’re moving forward.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri's Response To Media

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri’s Response To Media

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