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What’s happening folks, Shane here. I wanted to take a minute to talk to you about this Eric Sheppard Challenge that’s been going around. #EricSheppardChallenge um… so what we have is groups of people who are challenging other groups of people to stand on the American flag, and desecrate it, dance on it, jump up and down on it, um… all kinds of silly things. And so, I think that that’s a little bit ridiculous in my opinion um… because I’d like to point out the fact that at some point in history, my ancestors, your ancestors, everybody’s ancestors have fought in some way, shape or form to be a part of this country and reside in the nation over which that flag flies. And here you are standing on that flag, standing on what your ancestors fought for.

And so my message to you is this:

If you don’t like what America has to offer you pack your shit up and get the fuck out. There might be another county on this planet that is capable of dealing with your bullshit but that’s not me.

I’m a veteran of the Unites States Marine Core, and I can tell you now if I was in public and I saw someone dancing on the American flag, me and you would have problems, so if you don’t like what’s happening here – leave.

[Shane Lawler:] Source:
There’s plenty of other people waiting in line to get into this county and all you’re doing is taking up room, so if you don’t like it – get out.

If you share my feelings in this matter; feel free to share this video, and if you are viewing this video because somebody shared it on their timeline probably means that they feel the same way – think about that for a moment. Thanks for watching guys, have a nice day.

Shane Lawler Facebook

Shane Lawler Facebook

Shane Lawler Facebook. If you don’t like what America has to offer you pack your shit up and get the fuck out. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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