Shane Dawson – The Bong Song – Featuring – Lisa Schwartz


Shane Dawson – The Bong Song – Featuring – Lisa Schwartz – Kesha Music Video Spoof C’Mon

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[Shane Dawson – The Bong Song – Featuring – Lisa Schwartz]

[Kesha Music Video Spoof C’Mon]

[Shane Dawson] Source:
So, Kesha do you have any new ideas for your new music video?

[Lisa Schwartz]
Yes, I think it should be a story of two star crossed lovers who had to face a lot of obstacles in their lives but through therapy and meditation they’ve overcome them and become one.

[Shane Dawson]
Okay. That was surprisingly deep.

That was boring. I didn’t like it. Ok. Here’s what I want. I want little people fucking, I want deaf children twerkin’. I want it weird. Give me a boner. I want you to drink the big ol’ glass of warm piss. What do you got for me? Bring the [ ].

[Lisa Schwartz]
Let me whip out my thinking machine.

I wake up in the street and I’m covered in pee.
Then my pee turns to chocolate that would be fuckin’ sweet.
Then I see a big house and it turns to Ginger-Bread.
Then I see the gardener with an animal head.

I walk in through the front door.
Hi-Fiving all the midgets on the floor.
Don’t forget to take your shoes off [ ]
[ ] mermaid’s mopped up the floor.

Butler’s gettin’ ready.
These bitches are throwing a party.
Cover in Lucky Charms.
Holding a leprechaun.
(Let’s Get This Party On)

Then glitter will fall from the sky
Then rainbows will shot from my eyes
Now of this has to do with my – My song. My song. My song.

Who cares cause I’m really fucking high
Jesus turned the pool into wine.
Boy these ideas you can thank my. My bong. My bong. My bong.

I just wanna make no sense. Hey look at the president he’s riding an elephant.

Hello, Ke$ha!

I just wanna be a slut.
Big shirts, hide my beer gut.
Orgie in the castle gym.

And then we see [ ] kids playing with their magic sticks.
They are all shooting uniporn.

I think I’m losing my high.
Reality is setting in.
I think I need one more hit. FROM MY BONG!

Why don’t we go for a ride.
Inside my weird fucking mi-ind.
Who knows what crazy shit we might fi-ind.
So come on. Come on. Come on!

My songs are all about getting hi-igh.
My fans are all drunk gay guys.
Who cares if I have to rely on my bong my bong my bong.

[Lisa Schwartz]
So what do you guys think? You know what? I’ll just come up with another idea.


[Shane Dawson] Source:
Hey, what’s up you guys. I hope you enjoyed that insane fucking video. It was so much fun to make, hopefully it was fun to watch. And Kesha if you’re watching this, I really love you and I hope liked it, I hope you choke on your own piss. If you guys want that crazy ass song, you can download it for free, the link is in the crotch. Also if you liked this video favorite it and leave a comment and tell me what your favorite part was? You could win. A shout out in next weeks video and signed Shane Dawson’s shirts. And make sure to come back next Saturday because I will be putting up the behind the scenes of this video. And lets just say, it gets pretty sexual.

And I’m trying to make it look realistic, like there’s piss coming out of her vagina.

[Lisa Schwartz]
Oh! That went up my ass-crack.

[Shane Dawson] Source:
Alright, you guys, I hope you had a good week, I love you so much. A quick thanks Totally Sketch for directing this video, Joe Nation TV for shooting this video and of course my girlfriend Lisa for letting me put pee all over her legs. Alright you guys see you next week bye.

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