Seth MacFarlane Calls A Gay Bar


Seth MacFarlane Calls A Gay Bar

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[Seth MacFarlane Calls A Gay Bar]

Ahh! Jay. Source:

Seth MacFarlane, one of the great talents working in the industry today. We sat down a few years ago and this is him as this 40’s guy calling a gay bar.


Is this Boots & Saddle?

Yeah, it is.

My name is Dick Rogers, do you hear?

Yeah, Dick.

Those are a pile of open areas, but I’ve got a bone to pick with you. Listen, I’m at your establishment last night and these fellas keeping look at me, they keep ogling me. I’ve got a hunch your club’s lousy with sweet fellas, if you catch my drift.

Oh my friend! I mean then you picked the wrong establishment.

Let me tell you something. Where I come from, a fella goes to a bar to throw back a bourbon or two, watch a ball game, may be talk to a pretty lady. Your joint serve my bourbon with a paper umbrella, had a Streisand picture on the set, and the only lady I talked to was named Carl! What gives, I tell you? What gives? Where is all the skirts and dames?

I have no idea. I don’t like women, I don’t look at women, I don’t need women.

Wow. Fella, I need women like I need booze, I’ll tell you that right now. And every red blooded male that I’ve ever met says the same.

Well, I’m a red blooded male, I’m a tax paying hardworking man, and I like *****.

I don’t like the cut of your jib, fella.

You probably would be able to ***** your way out of a paper bag *****

Well, I can ***** my way out of a cardboard box.

Well, if you got big mouth than a big ***** why don’t you come on in?

What’s your sign?

You see there. Source:

Oh, wait a minute, what the hell is going on? See, this is what you people do, isn’t it? All of bars in this town and I got to walk into this sissy hole. Why I oughta. I’m slightly intrigued, but that don’t mean nothing, you understand?

Well, if you’re slightly intrigued, why don’t you come on in. My name is Ed, I’m a pretty muscular guy…

You fetching up the wrong leg fella, let me tell you.

Come on, you’re probably getting a little boner right now.

Oh my God! I haven’t had this feeling since summer camp.

You see there buddy, why don’t you come on in and explore?

What’s in God’s name is happening with my body?

I challenge you, why don’t you come on in and let us really explore where you’re at.

Then this is crazy. Dick, you like dames, you understand. You like dames.

It’s okay to like guys too.

Oh, look, my Maltese Falcon is doing a military salute.

You see there, come on in, buddy.

No, no, no. What’s your name?

My name is Ed. Why don’t you come on in and the next thing you know when somebody is looking down at your winker…


…and your winker is feeling good…

Ed, would you do me a favor? Just say wanker one more time.


Would you say it again?


Would you say it again, Ed?


Ed, would you say it one more time?

Wanker. Source:

Oh God! Oh God! What was that? What just happened? What in God’s name just happened? Oh God! Brand new pair of loafers. Good God.

Ahh!!!… You see there, you knew you wanted do that?

Ed, let me tell you something. I’m going to come down there and make out with you, but I want you to do something. I want you to keep those gay guys away from me, all right?

That sounds like such a great fuckin ***** idea.

I’d be the straightest guy you’ve ever ***** met.

Explore those feelings and come on in.

Ed, thanks a lot.

You’re welcome.

Goodbye, Ed. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Seth MacFarlane On Crank Yankers

Seth MacFarlane On Crank Yankers

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