Serena Williams Eats Dog’s Gourmet Food


Serena Williams Eats Dog’s Gourmet Food

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[Serena Williams Eats Dog’s Gourmet Food]

Doggy Menu


Rice, Vegetables and Meat
Euro 15,00

First Course

Pasta, Chicken and Vegetables
Euro 15,00

Second Course

Salmon and Rice
Euro 15,00

Lamb and Rice
Euro 16,00

Beef and Chicken and Vegetables
Euro 18,00

[Serena William:] Source:
Actually the most spoiled. I just ordered him the salmon and rice, and tomorrow he is going to have the soup.

Little guy. Chip, ready for the doggy menu? Son, Christopher, good boy. Hey, little boy, hey, little boy.

Okay, so the best thing about Snap is I don’t have to hear anybody hating or just like trolling because – cause I think this is something you definitely want to hate or troll on.

So they have this menu for my dog, right, because Chip left his food, can you imagine.

Chip is three years old and he is been traveling for three years. The little guy leaves his food at home, he doesn’t pack food. So this hotel is a doggie menu. And on the doggy menu, it has soup, all this other good stuff, like look at that.

So yesterday he had the beef with chicken and vegetables, and I promise you I was like that looks so good. It was like fresh like greens and boiled chicken and beef, and it was seared. It was seared like tenderly and it was just perfection. And I was like that looks like the best food; looks better than my food, right:

Okay, so I’m telling you this there is a story this.

[Serena William:] Source:
So today I am like, I might want to taste the soup so I order him the salmon and rice because I thought I eat salmon.

So I ordered the salmon rice, before you judge me look at it.

Look that’s the salmon and rice, it’s kind of all mixed together right. I mean come on it looks good. I think it looks good.

In fact, when I take the food to go, they give me the same to go package.

So I figure if it’s the same package that comes with an expensive looking spoon, you know yada yada yada, I put some in his bowl, I’m like, what the heck, I am going to try a piece, it looks good.

So I ate a spoonful, don’t judge me, I ate a spoonful.

Let’s fast-forward to two hours. I just ran to the toilet, like I thought I was going to pass out.

I mean it did taste weird like I force swallowed it like it was a little – I don’t know, like um… um… it takes a little bit like a house cleaner kind of thing. I don’t know what they put in this dog food, but Chip liked it and it looked good.

But I don’t think its consumable for humans and um… they should have wrote that.

So now I feel really sick. It was just a spoonful and [gasps] I am on the struggle, I really don’t feel so good, oh no… but really though. I mean what was I thinking. 15 euros for a soup, yesterday I paid 18 euros for beef and chicken and today I paid 15 euros for that stuff that’s making me go to the bathroom. I mean I need a life. She was right. I really do need to get my life.

I guess tomorrow when I’ll step on the court, I am going to look svelte.

Serena Williams Eats Dog's Gourmet Food

Serena Williams Eats Dog’s Gourmet Food

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