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September 14, 2014

marine saverat @ 9:04 am #

Hi ! Can I have the script for this video please ? is a helpful website for the discovery of new reading content.

October 28, 2014

Bert Rait @ 10:47 pm #

Brigette Gabriel’s response to the Muslim student contains an error in the published transcript:

Your published transcript ends with Gabriel’s statement about political correctness stating: “… stop calling a spade a spade.”

What she actually said was “Political correctness should be consigned to the garbage can where it belongs and it’s time to “….to START calling a spade a spade”.

Thank you Bert Rait for the correction.

March 27, 2015



Who cares about this stunt ?!?! We should focus on the fact that International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC ) is RIDICULOUSLY IMPLYING that its false-evaluations are somehow being withheld from EPA, Health Canada, and EVERY other science-based regulatory agency in the world. IARC ( a.k.a. World Health Organization ) is NOT a government regulatory agency.

It has NO regulatory authority whatsoever. IARC most certainly is NOT a science, NOT a research, and NOT a health organization.

Rather, IARC tends to operate as an anti-pesticide & environmental-fanatic organization.

Furthermore, IARC’s false-evaluations deliberately overstate the risks with arbitrary and selective « cherry picking » of data. This is a clear example of agenda-driven bias by IARC for reasons of mere pesticide-hating fanaticism and politicized science.

IARC IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED ! Only a small number of IARC’s false-evaluations have been reviewed by REAL AND INDEPENDENT expert-scientists, leading observers to conclude that its evaluations are colored by bias and are swayed by fanatic-activism.

Consequently, REAL expert-scientists with direct experience with IARC have dissociated themselves from this fanatic-organization. THE PESTICIDE-HATING IARC HAS BEEN DISCREDITED ! Scientific research shows that, as reported through EPA’s and Health Canada’s vast toxicology database, NO harm will occur when pest control products like GLYPHOSATE are applied properly. All of these products have been evaluated for their carcinogenic potential.

Even Canadian Cancer Society’s own web-sites state repeatedly that scientific research does NOT provide a conclusive link between pest control products and cancer.

In fact, scientific research proves that pest control products will cause NO harm and do NOT cause cancer. PESTICIDES CAUSING CANCER IS A MYTH !

The current IARC evaluation of ingredients like GLYPHOSATE ( Roundup ) is limited at best, and is NOT reliable !

IARC has conveniently disregarded dozens of scientific studies, specifically genetic toxicity studies, that support the conclusion GLYPHOSATE is NOT a human health risk ! According to overwhelming scientific evidence, NO replicated scientifically-valid study has found any human harm from GLYPHOSATE. IARC’s false-evaluation has been refuted by REAL experts. EPA, Health Canada, and other science-based regulatory agencies have clearly demonstrated that GLYPHOSATE represents NO increase to health risk, including cancer. GLYPHOSATE IS SCIENTIFICALLY SAFE. THE PESTICIDE-HATING IARC IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED ! Manufacturers have no other recourse than to LITIGATE against IARC ! SUE THE IARC-FANATICS’ BRAINS OUT ! For more information about IARC, go to …

We are the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that conspire to destroy the Green space and other industries ( NORAH G ). As a non-profit and independent organization, we are dedicated to reporting about PESTICIDE-HATING FANATICS, as well as the work of RESPECTED and HIGHLY RATED EXPERTS who promote ENVIRONMENTAL REALISM and PESTICIDE TRUTHS.

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