Secret Santa In Pontiac Christmas Eve 2015


Secret Santa In Pontiac Christmas Eve 2015

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[Secret Santa In Pontiac Christmas Eve 2015]

Oh, ho! It’s Santa Claus, hold on. It’s Santa Claus. Source:

Hold on, wait a minute, hold on, wait a minute.

Oh, ho, ho….

Oh, no.

Merry Christmas! This is for you. [$100 Bill]

Huh-uh, that’s fake as a mutherfucker. Give me a real dollar, I’m going to get me a beer.

Oh, yeah, have some fun.

This is real?

Yes, it is.

Yes, real it is.

No the hell it ain’t!?

Yeah it is!

Yeah it is!

I bet you fifty-dollars on my momma’s grave…

I promise you it is.

That is real…

You go to any store you want…

Don’t lose it. It is real.

That’s for you.

That’s real money.

For a homeless person like me? I’m homeless and hungry, are you serious?

Yeah, I’m serious.

Come on.

It’s real.

No faking?

It’s Christmas time, it’s Christmas time, buy yourself a bunch of food…

Come on, stop playin’.

I’m not playin’ with you…

Ain’t nobody ever did this. Come on, come on, girlfriend…

I know.

Go get yourself something to eat.


I’m hungry.

No, you won’t be anymore.


Come on, ya’ll…

I promise.

We don’t play around like that with people. You need to say anything…

For real?

For real.

For me?


For real?



I’m hungry, I’m hungry.

[Whispers:] Hey, I don’t wanna be hugged too.

Hey, go get yourself something.

I will.

Merry Christmas!

Made her day.


Yeah, well.

Ya’ll for real.

Yes, yes, yes.

I go get me something to eat, just go in there…

Yes, don’t lose it.

For real for real.

Yes, promise.

Real for real. Go spend your money, buy something.

Don’t lose it. Be careful…

Don’t lose it.

Don’t lose it, okay? It’s okay. It’s okay.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!



I’m going to get me something to eat… Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Secret Santa In Pontiac Christmas Eve 2015

Secret Santa In Pontiac Christmas Eve 2015

Secret Santa In Pontiac Christmas Eve 2015. For real for real. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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