Schahrzad Morgan Relationships And Mens Health


Schahrzad Morgan Relationships And Mens Health

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[Schahrzad Morgan Relationships And Mens Health]


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Hi, this is Schahrzad. So I just had a guy over here today and I’m really upset about it, because he gave me a quickie. He had the most amazing c*ck, it felt really good. He was really passionate. He went down on me really good, I stopped him because we just had a half hour appointment. And then when he came in like – he had a beautiful c*ck, it was curved. Big curve at the tip, it felt so good.

And then he came in like, a minute and he had this huge smile on his face because he was so happy and it pissed me off. Because he felt good and I’m like – I’m so wet, I’m like just getting going and then he f*cking stopped like he totally stopped. Like, it’s supposed to be about our mutual pleasure and he came in, he was so happy like can’t wait to see you again, I’m thinking. I was thinking I’m not really satisfied like, I didn’t feel satisfied, it wasn’t until after he left that I got really pissed off, because I felt totally used by this guy.

I don’t get paid for s*x, I get paid for my time. And when guys come over here I want to – I create a mutual experience. If they’re just going to have a quickie with me, I don’t want to see them again. And this is the first time in – since I’ve been doing this that I had a quickie. In like so long, this guy made all about him. He just wanted to get off. When guys are like that, I don’t come across guys like that very often. This is a very successful man and in fact, he’s been online dating and his problem is that all these women are falling for him and they start wanting to raise his children.

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And I’m wondering, if this is how he shows up for these women what’s wrong with the women for putting up a s*x like that. Are women really putting up with this kind of s*x that he’s giving, like he’s a great man, he has integrity, he’s solid. Like, I would have dated this guy except after I f*cked him, I’m like there is no way I’m even going to f*ck him. I’m not even going to pay me for my time, I will never see this guy again.

He was a disappointment in bed. And I’m just curious why all these women are flocking to him just because he’s successful and a good man and really in integrity in his life. When he sucks in bed because he c*ms in like a second, I went down on him. And after one stroke we’re on a bl*w j*b, he said you better stop, I’m going to c*m. I’m like what, he goes, it’s been a while and I’m like I was thinking that’s no excuse. Guys, take responsibility for your erections and for your erectile function, if you c*m too fast, you’ve got to practice on yourself masturbating. Don’t come see me or any other woman when you have premature ejaculation, that’s just loser status like that is so dissatisfying.

Especially when you have a good c*ck, like if you suck in bed, women are going to be like, thank god this is over. But when you have a good c*ck, and you’re passionate like we want it to last and when you don’t it’s like now you just wasted my time, you got me all turned on and you’re going to leave me here all horny and leave me like f*ck you, f*ck you. That’s what I want to say to this guy.

So, just because I take men for appointments doesn’t mean I will see anyone, I’m choosing who I see, and I expect them to care about me. When they come to see me, they have to care about me and if they don’t I will never see them again. So um… and also I want to say to my sister who is like, why don’t you have a relationship, I’m so in love, the s*x is so much better in a relationship. Yes it is, so you want me to sit around and twiddle on my finger and f*ck myself with my finger waiting for Mr. Right to come along. F*ck that, I’m not waiting for Mr. Right to come along.

I am taking a stand that I am the authority of my sexual expression. I am the authority of my sexual pleasure, and I am so powerful, I don’t require a relationship to have good s*x. But I do require a man who wants a mutual pleasurable experience. And then when they make it all about them or if they’re drinkers or are they’re unappealing in some way I’m just not interested. So, I just want to put that out there.

And also for all those people who like my ass, there it is, because I don’t feel like being prim and proper today. I feel like being you know, what, I’m a sexy woman, I have a right to show it. And all you guys leaving slutty comments on my YouTube videos, I will never respect or take you seriously, you go in the same pile as this guy who f*cked me badly today, ‘loser status’ like a real men are going to know to talk to me respectfully.

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Whether I dressed like this or not, because you can see from my attitude that I don’t put up with bullshit and you’ve got to have ‘game’ or you don’t get me at all. And by the way, I only date guys like once every three months, because most guys are losers, they’re not worthy of me dating.

I’m sorry like, people gain weight, when they’re in their 40’s, they gain weight. I have all these reasons like guys aren’t hot enough. They don’t know who they are, they gain weight, they’re not good in bed. Like, if you’re not really rocking – the rocking your own world, you’re not going to rock mine. [Laughs] I love that, like ‘if you can’t rock your own world you’re not going to rock mine’. So like you’ve got to think that you’re amazing.

And I love this little outfit like, a guy who read one of my book, I never met him he sent me a $200 gift card over Christmas. And I like it when men buy me things. And provide for me, I like that. So he – and I bought this little outfit, which is so cute, I love it.

This is to woman power and our right to be sexy if we want without anybody shaming us.

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I have a right to be sexy without being called a slut. And if you do, you just not going to get my attention. You want my attention, you have to be sweet to me. And that’s just how I roll.

Schahrzad Morgan Relationships And Mens Health

Schahrzad Morgan Relationships And Mens Health

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