Sarah Close – Singing Your Questions 3


Sarah Close – Singing Your Questions 3

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[Sarah Close – Singing Your Questions 3]

What’s the name of the last song that you wrote, can you tell me how it goes…
it was called lemonade I wrote it last Friday, its about picking up the pieces and bringing you some lemonade.
Can you say say something in Spanish,
si claro puedo decir algo en Spanish
ahora, no puedo hablar mucho Español pero aprendí por dos ańos

If you could have one superpower what would it be?
id like to see inside people’s heads, get a different perspective from what I see
and are you gonna use this question? well on twitter you did mention so probably but how about next time you ask a question properly?
What was the last thing you ate? chicken kiev with a salad it was great..
Oranges or tangerines? I’ll take neither please.
what’s your favourite childhood memory?
when we let my cat have babies

What’d your favourite takeout?
i always get the same
chicken korma with coconut rice
peshwari naan, I like sweet not spice
what about in the mornings? what’s for breakfast?
I always have a bowl of coco pops
yes my parents have tried to make me stop
but i can’t help that they bring so much JOY to my tastebuds

What a levels did you do?
I took Spanish, biology, English lit and i dropped french in year two
would you rather never be able to sing again or only sing one song for the rest of your life?
I’d sing that song over and over and over again never singing is just isn’t an option my friend
what’s Ben and Jerry’s is your favourite?
Karamel sutra is my flavour
what’s your favourite cover you have done?
take me to church and stay high are my number ones
and if you were an animal what would you be
definitely a cat or a dog-gy

What’s the weirdest dream you ever had
recently mine have been mad
dreams about airplane crashes
my friends and natural disasters
do you want or have any pets
I am a huge animal person
I want at least a dog and two cats
and I’ll call it at that … well for the time being I’m only twenty

Thank you for the birthday love
thank you for 250k subscribers
I don’t want this to turn cheesy
but just know that fitting that number into a sentence isn’t easy
this is singing you questions number three
thanks for sending your questions to me
also, happy anniversary
it’s been a year since I first did this you see
so here’s to many more
I’m gonna go now before I start being a bore…


Sarah Close - Singing Your Questions 3

Sarah Close – Singing Your Questions 3

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