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[Sanifair Commercial]

Aha! So that is what they call SANIFAIR. I’d like to closer look at that. Will you join me?

For babies

Use of baby changing rooms free of charge

Here is your mommy can change [Yanex] nappies.

Accessible disabled toilets free of charge

If I were still small, I can go to there.

No charge for small children.

But I am too big for that now.

Pay in cash…

Paying for it so totally easy.

Or with a credit card…

Hah, I can even use daddy’s credit card to pay.

Or via mobile smartphone

Oh… it also works with this mobile phone.

And don’t forget to take the voucher.

Oops! I must have made a mistake.

Oh! It’s so lovely here.

Inviting atmosphere

And what happens next is a real magic.

Touch-free flushing

Self cleaning toilet seats

I am a magician.

Parent-and-child cubicles

Dumbo has to use the loo.

Um…that smells fresh.

Always clean, fresh and hygienic

Oh! Dumbo, you’re just fine.

Customer satisfaction rates of over 95%.

Well, so far I thought it was all really good. But it is about to get even better.

Because with this magic slip of paper.

Voucher redeemable on-site.

I get my favorite ice cream for less.

Um…. isn’t that cool?

Sanifair recognizes and fulfills customer requirements.

SANIFAIR sites all over 400 motorway service stations in Germany.

In Germany SANIFAIR is a market leader with a high level of brand recognition.

Around 60 city-center sites throughout Europe

And Sanifair is also on course for expansion aside from German motorways. Throughout Europe Sanifair is opening new facilities with sites in shopping centers and Train Stations for example.

Sanifair is a reliable well-established partner with a standardized certified franchise system. Franchisees value the close partnership with Sanifair, the intensive guidance and continuous quality control. Sanifair fulfills customer requirements increasing their satisfaction and thus boosting the attractiveness of every site.

Um… I really think Sanifair is Super, and you?

Refreshingly different.

Sanifair Commercial

Sanifair Commercial

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October 27, 2015

Charelle van leeuwen @ 2:00 am #

Dear …. ,
I let myself imagine first: i ma Charelle I ‘m first year pre-university student at the Hondsrug College in emmen I have devised an idea to project the impression that you can extract energy from lake. that energy I wanted to connect to the toilets you are making on the sani fair and I wish to test only I had a question (ps not that I want to steal your idea though) but how much energy a toilet like this works because we can maybe or cooperate . but first I need information about that question could you help my perhaps ?
with veiendelijke greetings

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