Sandra Bland Speaks – God Blocked It


Sandra Bland Speaks – God Blocked It

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[Sandra Bland Speaks – God Blocked It]

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It is March 1st, 2015.

I want to first of all say, I apologize, I am sorry, my kings and queens. It’s been too long weeks, and I have been missing in action. But I got to be honest with you guys, I am suffering from something that – some of you all maybe dealing with right now. It’s a little bit of depression as well as PTSD. Um… I’ve been real stressed out over these past couple of weeks, but that does not excuse me not keeping my promise to you all by letting you know that somebody cares about you, someone loves you, and that you can go out there and do great things. But I want you guys to know that I’m a human. And so if there are any of you that are dealing with these same things depression, um… post-traumatic stress disorder, it’s okay. It is okay to talk about it.

I think that those illnesses are something that um… the African-American culture likes to turn a blind eye to and act like that they don’t affect us, and they do. They really do. So I’m coming out here now, Sandy speaks and letting you know that yeah, I deal with it. And some of you watching this probably deal with the too, and you have to know that it is okay.

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It’s okay because you have someone who loves you, his name is God. Just know, you know, y’all, it is so funny, I was sitting here today, I was having one of my little depressed moments and I started crying. And it was so powerful for me because in the middle of my tears, in my head I just heard the sound, ‘God Blocked It’ by Kurt Carr. And it let me know that everything was going to be okay. God had blocked that depressing moment, he block that thought and – that time that I felt like I needed to sit here and cry. He let me know, no God blocked it, you have got work to do.

[Sandra Bland:]
So I do come to you guys today first of all just saying, again I apologize. I have been MIA. Too, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder are things that affect everyone black, white, it does not matter. We all deal with them. And so a way that I would like to help you all today is that, if it’s something that you deal with, I’d like to pray for you. I would like you to listen to the song ‘God Blocked It’ by Kurt Carr so that you can know it is going to be okay, whatever you’re going through, whatever stress you are having, whatever situation that you’re dealing with God can block it, and it will be okay.

So Sandy is speaking to you now. I hope you went out there today and did something great.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to church, I drove to Indiana went to see Maroon 5. Woooo hooo…. I had so much fun with my sister. But um… I didn’t make it to church this morning, but I do get to see some church, and the message today it was about faith. And so for those of you my faithful viewers that have been looking out for Sandy speaks, it is here, and it is not going anywhere, I’m just a human.

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So I was going through some things, but I feel like I got to let you guys know that because if you don’t know, you’ll just like, oh, she’s flaking and no, I’m being honest with you that was what was going on. So my kings and queens know that I’m still praying for you all. And I ask that you pray for me while I pray for you.

Sandy speaks.

Sandra Bland Speaks God Blocked It

Sandra Bland Speaks God Blocked It

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