Samsung Galaxy S7 Water


Samsung Galaxy S7 Water

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[Samsung Galaxy S7 Water]

You live on a planet that is mostly water, if you don’t put water inside your body; you die, if you don’t put it on the outside your body, you get disgusting gross diseases and your skin falls off. Some people fill giant bags with water and sleep on the water. And sometimes water just starts falling out of the sky.

You think this models hot but she’s mostly just water 72% water 73% water.

And smart people like this person said there is about to be even more water.

Screen image simulated.

“There is about to be even more water.”

People think it’s really funny to find water people don’t want to be in and then push those people into that water.

If your religious your goal at some point to be forcibly submerged in water.

When water freezes people play on it.

When it bubbles people sit in it.

When it moves, people slide down it.

In fact there are only two things you really can’t live without; water and your phone.

Water resistant up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes; rinse residue/dry after wet. Actual functionality; not a dramatization.

So why in the world would you get a phone that can’t get wet.

“Okay, try again.”

The new water resistant Galaxy S7 edge.

Sequences shortened. Available 3/11. (C)2016 Samsung Electronics America, Inc.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Water

Samsung Galaxy S7 Water

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