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Sally Jewell Find Your Park

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[Sally Jewell Find Your Park]

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My parents brought me to this country when I was three years old in 1959. And they asked, “What do people do here?” And they said, “You camp and you get outdoors.” So the first time I came to Mount Rainier National Park was in 1959.

Over my life, I’ve developed a lifelong connection to this place. I built snow caves up here as a child. I climbed the mountain when I was a teenager with a climbing club from my high school and a group of friends. And I brought my own children up here. And my son even worked here at Mount Rainier as a climbing ranger volunteer for a number of years.

I will say that finding this park has enabled me to recognize the value of nature and the great outdoors everywhere and now wherever I find my park I have a great time.

Today I had a wonderful opportunity back here in the Pacific Northwest to go on a pretty tough hike, most of the way up to Camp Muir with a group of inspiring employees from the National Park Service who told me about the incredible work that’s going on here from fish biology, to understanding glaciers, to interpreting this place for, uh, children and families alike. So it was a, it was a great day.

The National Park Service has been around for 100 years. That’s 100 years of America’s best idea. So we’re thinking about how do we look to the future and celebrating the 100 years that we’ve had and what we’ve got as a nation. Over 400 national parks is worth celebrating so we hope you celebrate with us. So get up, get out there, and find your park.

Sally Jewell Find Your Park

Sally Jewell Find Your Park

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