Saint Oniisan Sauna Scene


Saint Oniisan Sauna Scene

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[Saint Oniisan Sauna Scene]

Yes, that’s right. I’m also from around here.

Oh that’s just like Jesus.

Oh, but that said, my real home is elsewhere.

You made a friend already?


but you probably shouldn’t look over this way.

He seems like a devout Buddhist, after all.


Yeah, what’s up? Source:

Is Punch over there your brother?

Yes. Though it’s my first time being asked that. Do we look alike?

Not to mention, Jesus… Are you being mistaken for yakuza? Why?

But Bro… If you’re from around these parts, which gang gave you that scar?

Oh, this was from when I got crucified by the people in the authority.

What?! You took a trip to prison too? I was in Abashiri. How about you?


I see!

Jesus, notice already. The temperature in here is rapidly dropping.

There was a traitor amongst my juniors, you see. I had to server seven years for that.


I was in the same position.


Oh, but I came back after three days.

Y-You sprung yourself out after three days?!

Seven years must’ve been tough.

How did you pull it off in three days?!

I want to know as a reference.

No, I didn’t do anything.

Did somebody lend you a hand?

No, my return was simply…

the will of my father.

Bro… That’s awefuly mean of you. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

If I’d known you were the young boss of an organization, I’d have acted appropriately! For speaking so familiarly with you… Please settle for just my pinky!

What’s wrong all of a sudden?

Please forgive me.

I wish you’d tell me.

Please raise your head.

This was first time Buddha had been in such a cold sauna.

Saint Oniisan Sauna Scene

Saint Oniisan Sauna Scene

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