Ryan Alexander Carr – The Confederate Flag & Racism In America


Ryan Alexander Carr – The Confederate Flag & Racism In America

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Posted by Ryan Alexander Carr on Friday, June 26, 2015

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[Ryan Alexander Carr – The Confederate Flag & Racism In America]


[Ryan Alexander Carr:] Source: LYBIO.net
White pride, white pride, white pride, everybody so stuck on it. There is rebel flag shit and here is my opinion on it.

The rebel flag what it means to me ‘is shit’, and means white pride that’s what it means, it doesn’t mean ‘heritage’, what heritage? The heritage that used to whip and hang and kill black people, rape them and slave them; really because that’s the way they are looking at this flag.

If we go from Virginia down south, just think that all the years they were hung, beat and enslaved, raped what’s your excuse for that.

Although so long ago it wasn’t so 1960 did you let black people drink out of the same water faucet as you, and go to the same school as you, so wasn’t that long ago. Okay?

Why people are terrorists, see my white skin we’re the terrorist of the world and is based solely upon Christianity and that’s the truth – look at the terror we have waged against every race. Blacks, Jews, Indians, Chinese, Mexicans, do you remember Texas when we took it from the Mexicans, do you remember that shit?

Do you remember any of the shit that we’ve done? And the horror we’ve laid across [oh, those were my answers] but it still there, it was still done by white faces.

All the way back to the pilgrims to the Indians, the people we have slaughtered across this land and so many others, this is a why people are fed up.

And then you’re online arguing “there is not such thing as white privileges”. Are you kidding me?!

There used to be a white privilege but there is not a white privilege anymore because the government is doing what they want to do. They want to separate the people because together united we’re too strong; they are going to watch us kill each other off and they are going to coming in and sweep up the fucking mess. Your rebel flag means [middle finger] that’s what it means – nothing.

[Ryan Alexander Carr:] Source: LYBIO.net
Come from Virginia down and look through the history of time, all the black people that were enslaved, raped, beat, hung, tortured and what did they see, when that was all being done to them the Rebel Flag.

It doesn’t represent racism, have represents white pride don’t bullshit yourself, don’t try to bullshit anybody else – it’s the truth

Slaughtering Jews, Indians, Mexicans, Chinese – it goes on and on and on, back to the crusades.

Christianity has been behind all this shit – look at up the history, Hitler was a Christian; tried to take out the fucking Jews.

Christianity are fuckin’ terrorists; because they are misreading the bible and putting their own spin on it, what it means and that’s the truth.

Call me dumb, whatever you want, but you cannot deny history, white people have laid so much terror across this land and so many others its unfucking real.

It’s time to get off your high horse, stick together as one; and change shit because if we don’t change shit now its going to be too late.

There is no difference between you and a black man and anything else and that’s the truth we‘re human beings, we need to love each other; that’s the way it is.

So all these white people up in arm’s about the rebel flag and all this other shit, look at your history, look at the – look at the shit we have done to people throughout the history.

And you can’t deny that, oh, shut the fuck up you white nigger loving motherfucker, that’s what I get back from this, I don’t give a fuck. Because it’s a truth, we as white people have laid so much terror across this land.

And the same thing it goes to you, if you want to get rid of the rebel black then you got to get rid of that black power shit. And the black power – black power flag because you think is racist when people say white power, but you don’t think is racist when somebody says black power, that don’t make any fucking sense it all either.

And the same thing for black people, not all white people are bad, not all white people are against you, majority are.

But you can’t blame every white person because what a cop is doing, okay? And what I wrote yesterday on my wall about black people. Black people got mad. Because you didn’t start rallying and protesting until the white cops started killing you, you didn’t give a fuck or rally or protest when you’re killing each other by the hundreds. For the past how many years now, the past two days, blacks killing blacks, there was no protesting, there no more marching in your neighborhoods to stop the violence.

[Ryan Alexander Carr:] Source: LYBIO.net
No, just keep the drug flow going, keep it going, keep it going, keep going. None of my business!

Out of sight out of mind!

Cameron, the rapper was on Bill O’Reilly, ‘if you knew a child molester was living next to you would you say anything’, ‘no’. It’s not my job or it’s not my place. Come on!

Out of sight out of mind!

That’s a white people been doing to you for years, and you are doing it to your own people.

But you weren’t protesting, you weren’t marching, you weren’t doing blocking highways, you weren’t doing none of this when these – your people were killing each other – you gave no shit, its only when the white man came in, that you gave a shit and actually stood together.

[Ryan Alexander Carr:] Source: LYBIO.net
Why don’t you stick together in your own fucking neighborhoods and stop the bullshit in your own neighborhoods, before you start implementing the shit anywhere else, it’s a two way fuckin’ street here, so wake up people because this is exactly what the government wants, they want us against each other and all that shit, like I said, black people are wrong, white people are wrong, each other race is wrong; until we come together as one, we’re fucked.

Ryan Alexander Carr - The Confederate Flag & Racism In America

Ryan Alexander Carr – The Confederate Flag & Racism In America

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Ryan Alexander Carr – The Confederate Flag & Racism In America. It’s time to get off your high horse, stick together as one. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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