RxWiki News Liposarcoma


RxWiki News Liposarcoma

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[RxWiki News Liposarcoma]

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The US FDA approved Eisai Inc.’s drug derived from sea sponge for a rare type of soft tissue cancer. I’m Shelby Cullinan with your latest health news.

The drug, eribulin mesylate (brand name Halaven), was approved for liposarcoma patients who have already received chemotherapy that contained an anthracycline drug, and whose cancer cannot be removed by surgery or is advanced. Soft tissue sarcoma (STS) is a type of cancer that forms in the body’s soft tissues, such as the muscles, tendons, fat and nerves, among other areas.

Liposarcoma is a type of STS that forms in the fat cells. The safety of Halaven was evaluated in 143 patients with advanced liposarcoma. These patients were treated either with Halaven or another chemotherapy drug called dacarbazine until their cancer spread or they were no longer able to tolerate treatment. The average overall survival for patients on Halaven was 15.6 months compared to 8.4 months for those on dacarbazine. Speak
to your doctor about newly approved medications for your condition.

RxWiki News Liposarcoma

RxWiki News Liposarcoma


RxWiki News Liposarcoma. Liposarcoma is a type of STS that forms in the fat cells. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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