Russian Ejection Seat K 36D Operation Is Incredible


Russian Ejection Seat K 36D Operation Is Incredible

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[Russian Ejection Seat K 36D Operation Is Incredible]

Once the pilot has decided to eject himself, all he needs to do is to pull the ejection lever. Once he has done that everything else takes place automatically.

As the pilot pulls the ejection cord, an electrical pole shatters his canopy to avoid serious injury as he exits the plane, his body must be in the correct position. The seat automatically straps him in. It happens in the blink of an eye.

The pilot’s legs are lifted up. The arm restriction system is activated. Then the waist straps are automatically tightened. The pilot is thus locked in his seat.

This sequence takes just one third of a second. Over the next 12th of a second, the ejection seat automatically prepares itself and the pilot for ejection. It is during these milliseconds to the unique pilot protection mechanisms built into the K 36 begin to work.

As the seat moves along the rails, garters automatically engage the protective deflector, which opens up to protect the pilot from the air pressure.

The wind deflector protects the pilot’s body from the enormous wind speed he will encounter as he leaves the cockpit ejecting at 300 miles per hour, but there is no time to think as almost simultaneously the powder rocket engine engages. The MiG pilot has now reached the most dangerous part of the ejection process. The rocket propulsion system fires the seat out of the plane. The rocket acts like a cannon shell exploding into the seat. At this stage, they will be subjected to tremendous forces, pulling anything up to 12G.

As the seat leaves the cockpit two telescopic booms are deployed. These booms ensure the seat stays in the correct position. Without them, the seat would spin uncontrollably. By now, after one second, the cockpit canopy has shattered and disappeared. The pilot has been strapped in. His seat fired high into the air and the seat stabilizer boom is deployed. Now an altimeter in the seat detects if the pilot is at a safe enough height to release the parachute. At anything over 5,000 meters, the pilot wouldn’t be able to breathe the thin air. The seat would allow him to freefall until he reaches a safe height. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Once the ejection seat has obtained maximum height, the parachute is then deployed. The seat detaches itself by means of shoulder, waist and leg strap cutting mechanism.

Several knives around the seat sever the straps releasing the pilot. The parachute blasts out and the pilot is on his way. The whole process is taken less than three seconds.

Russian Ejection Seat K 36D Operation

Russian Ejection Seat K 36D Operation

Russian Ejection Seat K 36D Operation Is Incredible. The whole process is taken less than three seconds. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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