Russell Hicks Comedian Destroys Heckler In Iambic Pentameter


Russell Hicks Comedian Destroys Heckler In Iambic Pentameter

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[Russell Hicks Comedian Destroys Heckler In Iambic Pentameter]




[Russell Hicks:] Source:
Say, it’s fucking Tuesday dude.

Yeah, isn’t it or not?

[Russell Hicks:]
Holy shit, where is that guy coming from? I thought he was here.

No, I’m not there.

[Russell Hicks:]
It’s one of those mobile hecklers, he just sort of scrambling around. Judged by the aggressive tone of his voice, he was at the show last night. The way that vocal pitch came out, I wouldn’t – put it past him – he has the words…


One more time with closed captioning for the hearing impaired


[Russell Hicks:]
Oh? Are you sexting? Fuck off? Oh, yeah, no problem, bud/i’m sure whoever’s on the receiving end of that is just thrilled right now/holy jesus, if you thought Brad was scintillating in regular conversation you should see his perverted digital texts’/wow. yeah, you know Brad – the kind of guy that’s always saying whatever’s on his mind even though there’s really nothing inside of it/yes, the same one that sat down at a show at five o’clock and told the comic that he was ‘sexting fuck off’ and didn’t think the comic would do anything about it/well, guess what? not only will I do something about i’ll come over there and show you what sexting’s all about!/you can text me while I text back to you and take a photo of me fucking you in the ass right here in front of everybody, how’s that sound?/

so, next time you open your trap and say something like that, you better think about the kind of mental stability of the performer on stage/i got booed last night in Glasgow and I got nothin’ to lose pal, alright?/i’ll cut your dick off take a picture of it and sent it to your mom, how do you like that?/i’m sexting fuck off – where the hell does that fuckin’ fly?/i’m an American pal, i’ve got fuckin’ artillery in that corner right now/i’m sexting fuck off/first of all, it’s the afternoon, you don’t sext in the afternoon/who the hell are you texting right now?/probably your mate sitting right next to you/i see your phone, it’s shitty, it’s old, you’re probably on a pay-as-you-go plan/and people can see that when it comes through/you’re running out of your cheap ass bullshit 3g because you can’t stop sending perverted texts to girls that don’t like you.

good night, and good luck.

Russell Hicks Comedian Destroys Heckler In Iambic Pentameter

Russell Hicks Comedian Destroys Heckler In Iambic Pentameter

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