Ronda Rousey Nick Diaz Suspension


Ronda Rousey Nick Diaz Suspension

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[Ronda Rousey Nick Diaz Suspension]

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Well, what is going on is, I think, a result of the unfair treatment of U.S. Olympians, which really pales in comparison to how unfair it is that Nick got a five-year suspension.

I’m sorry, I know no one asked me anything, but I have to say something.

It’s – it’s so not right for him to to be suspended for five years for marijuana. I’m against them even testing for weed at all.

It’s not a performance-enhancing drug! It has nothing to do with the competition and it’s only because of political reasons they say, “Oh it’s only for your safety to keep you from hurting yourself because you’re out there.”

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You know what, then why don’t they test for all of the other things that could possibly hurt us, that we could be under the influence of while we’re out there? There’s no reason for them to be testing for weed. In athletics, the beautiful thing about it is it separates everything from politics. It shouldn’t be involved at all.

And Nick is a very close and dear friend of mine, so of course I’m going to defend him, but I see – it’s so unfair if one person tests for steroids that could actually really hurt a person and the other person smokes a plant that makes him happy and he gets suspended for five years, whereas the guy who could have hurt someone so much that he could have died in there gets a slap on the wrist. It’s not fair. It’s not fair at all. And do you know what? Like – It doesn’t make me a bad person for saying it, I just can’t believe it’s not being said more.

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And yeah… I think we should free Nick Diaz. But you know what, it’s not Dana’s decision either; he had nothing to do with it. I’m sure if he’d had the choice he would have given him a lot less. But you know what, I don’t think marijuana should be a part of the conversation at all. I think it’s an invasion of privacy for them to test for it, and they have no right.

Ronda Rousey Nick Diaz Suspension

Ronda Rousey Nick Diaz Suspension

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