Robert Tilton The Farting Preacher


Robert Tilton The Farting Preacher

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[Robert Tilton The Farting Preacher]

‘Pastor Gas 5′

Watch this.

For I have seen all that [Lebens] done – I’ve seen what Lebens done on the, [Fart Noise] oooooo oho ho… [Fart Noise] that amazing..

And my word will not return void.

And it will go to that which it was sent. [Fart Noise]

And it will prosper but life and joy, and the – the – the nature, god, [Fart Noise] hoo hallelujah, and bread for eating. We’ll also provide and multiply. [Fart Noise]

That’s – that’s opening of the wonders of heaven, this is decreeing faith, decreeing a thing. [Fart Noise] Excuse me.

And it shall be established under the force, the spiritual force, of [Fart Noise] [Fart Noise] the spiritual power.

He is preparing for you as we even speak. [Fart Noise].

I smell heavens bakery cooking up something good for you, sister. If god’s got to send a bird, he will send a bird, [Fart Noise] oooo hallelujah, hallelujah.


And now listen to this.

You go little further, you get the one, God’s for you, you get, he’s with you and then the last biggie, God’s in you. [Fart Noise] wfff man. [Fart Noise]

Remember those heavens were shut up because the [Fart Noise], ooooooo those heavens were shut up – in faith breaking through, breaking through – break -[Fart Noise].

And she proved god, [Extended Fart Noise].

God has something better than where you are right now, and there place in him as [Fart Noise] hallelujah.

And god sent that man that day to open up those heavens [Fart Noise], shoo… hallelujah.

And so letting our faith being dictated to our heart and what god said, [Fart Noise] [Fart Noise] there it is again so strong, faith is the substance, the title to the deed of – it – it – the substance of things hope for – [Fart Noise], aww, I just got another good one. [Fart Noise] Thank you Jesus. [Fart Noise] Thank you Jesus. [Fart Noise] Thank you Jesus. [Fart Noise] Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. I’m very bold I know that.

Before the devil steals this thought out of you, while the inspiration, while the anointing is there [Fart Noise]. Thank you Lord. [Fart Noise] Hello, you have to press in, you press on, you have to go on. Start is great.

Proverb says, the finishing is better [Fart Noise]. Hee heee heee – Finish what you start [Fart Noise] huh! [Fart Noise]. Got to learn how to stick your stick up. Amen.

Robert Tilton The Farting Preacher

Robert Tilton The Farting Preacher

Robert Tilton The Farting Preacher. Thank you Jesus. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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