Robbie Sherrard – I Moved To A New Apartment


Robbie Sherrard – I Moved To A New Apartment

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[Robbie Sherrard – I Moved To A New Apartment]

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Hey, uh… I just wanted to give you an update on my life what’s going on. Basically I had to move uh… suddenly wasn’t like a planned thing.

Basically what happened I don’t know if you remember from the last video, but I showed you that underwear that I found outside my apartment and I have this nice neighbor who sometimes I would see – see her working out, I thought that maybe it was hers and so I did the nice neighborly thing that anybody would and I went down to her apartment. And I asked her if it was hers or I don’t know exactly what I said, it’s a little bit of a discrepancy in our stories but basically I was just seeing if it was hers – if she wanted it back.

Anyway so she started getting all upset and freaking out and she is – you know I’m maybe and like ‘that’s disgusting its not mine, why would you think that, why are you so comfortable touching in the crotch, if you don’t know who it is’ and all this.

Anyway next thing I know my landlord calls and he tells me that she is complained and that she says that the building is no longer safe environment and that she gave him an ultimatum either I had move out or she contact the police and file a restraining order then it would be that whole thing again.

And I just didn’t want to deal with any of it and my landlord was really nice and he took me up with this new place which is really cool and its seems nice; I like it, it – the real kicker on this whole thing is that there is a women in this building too.

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So I don’t – you know – I don’t know what that means I means is ‘she’s safe’ – yeah, yes she’s safe.

I mean, she look, I saw her carrying some groceries and she looks nice, she lives right above me – I could sometimes hear walking around, I don’t know she is soon right now, doesn’t sound like she’s doing anything – probably sitting or something; but she looks like a perfectly good person, somebody who wouldn’t turn me into the police for being a good neighbor, she is not 85 years old this time. So Gladys you can suck it.

Robbie Sherrard - I Moved To A New Apartment

Robbie Sherrard – I Moved To A New Apartment

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