Rikki Poynter Getting A Little Personal My Future Goals


Rikki Poynter Getting A Little Personal My Future Goals

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[Rikki Poynter Getting A Little Personal My Future Goals]

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I just ate tacos so I really hope I don’t have anything in my teeth right now. We good? We’re good. Okay, so today, I want to talk about life goals and, you know, future life goals because, honestly, I don’t have any other topic to talk about this week, so. But as my life changes, I have been thinking about exactly what it is that I want to do with my life. The things that I want to do now are actually very different from what they used to be three or four years ago.

Three or four years ago when I was just doing makeup videos, I wanted to be a makeup artist and all of that. Obviously, that’s not a thing anymore. I have no desire whatsoever to do anything makeup related with my life. So, now what is it that I want to do with my life? Let’s get started. Probably one of the most important things that I want would be to have a peace of mind which is going to probably be the longest thing to accomplish.

For the past two weeks or week and a half, my depression has been acting up again. Similar to what I had or what I was experiencing when I made the Depression Sucks video. I think I’m even wearing the same t-shirt right now that I was wearing in that video. So, yeah, I have a lot of issues with depression and other things, so.

Now, the other thing and it’s probably almost the most important and this will actually help the first goal, getting further with my YouTube career and anything else that’s kind of involving that. So, I would definitely like to make my YouTube better and I want to be able to try to get more opportunities out of that.

Lots of people have gotten careers out of this thing and, yes, I’m one of those people that would like something to happen. And opportunities have been happening. Last year, lots of amazing things happened and I would like to keep that ball rolling for this year. And since I am presenting, or co-presenting, with Google next month. Yeah, you heard me right. That’s probably going to open a lot of doors. And I’ve gotten my resume together and I’ve been applying for other public speaking jobs at schools and what have you so that’s a little bit of a work in progress. As far as YouTube goes, I’m not really sure where I want to take YouTube right now. Like, I feel like I’m getting into that rut. And I – every time I go to film, I kind of feel like I’m forcing myself to do it. And then I’m trying to think of all these ideas and it’s just not coming to me. Everybody’s always trying to improve their YouTube content and I am just struggling with myself trying to figure out how I can do that.

I feel like I need to take, like, a small YouTube break or something to kind of get everything together and figure that out. But I don’t really want to take a break. I just need to try to – figure out of that all. It – It’s a thing. It’s a thing. It’s a process.

And then the last thing would be to get out of where I am now.

Ideally, I would like to be in Toronto, except for the winter because cold, but it looks like Los Angeles is probably going to be where it’s at. I know, I know, every YouTuber wants to go to LA. But I’ve got a boyfriend who’s a director of photography, so all the jobs related to that are gonna be in LA. YouTube shenanigans are in LA, but not only that, LA is where the Deaf culture is. Or one of the places where Deaf culture is and LA is where all of my Deaf friends are and I feel like that is definitely the environment for me. And I think that’s it.

[Rikki Poynter:] Source: LYBIO.net
Can I have a Pomeranian, please? Listen to me. Go to cupcake.the.pom and dolliethepom and then just look at how cute everything is. They’re so cute! That is – that is – that is one of my goals in my life. I don’t even need to own a Pom. Just, like, let me hold one, kay. Just pet one and hold one. That’s a little fun future goal to throw into this video. The other ones are so serious. Good, but serious, but – POM!

So, yeah, let me know in the comments what your goals are whether they are short term or long term, just write ‘em. Let’s discuss.

Having a family moment. Family moment. There we go, okay. I will see you later. Bye.

Rikki Poynter Getting A Little Personal My Future Goals

Rikki Poynter Getting A Little Personal My Future Goals

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Rikki Poynter Getting A Little Personal My Future Goals. LA is where all of my Deaf friends are and I feel like that is definitely the environment for me. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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