Rick Mercer RMR Rick’s Rant Parliament Resumes


Rick Mercer RMR Rick’s Rant Parliament Resumes

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[Rick Mercer RMR Rick’s Rant Parliament Resumes]

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If you’re like me, since New Year’s, you were waiting desperately for Monday, January the 25th to roll around. And last week it finally happened, marking the return of the 42nd Parliament. I was going to go up there in person and line up at midnight so I could actually watch it live but instead I caught it on TV.

Now, since then, there have been seven Question Periods. I’m guessing you don’t watch every day because, well, you have a life. It’s far more likely you’ve set the PVR so you can binge watch a whole bunch of them on the weekend. You know, invite over a special friend and Question Period and chill.

Now I don’t want to give away too much away but spoiler alert, this season is awful.

Remember Rona Ambrose? Last season she was Minster of Health, this season she’s Leader of the Opposition. And remember when she got the job she said on her watch the Tories wouldn’t heckle and act like spoiled children. Turns out she meant the opposite. They’re worse now than they ever were.

And the plot lines this season, totally unbelievable. Like the Conservatives are now mad that the Liberals haven’t legalized marijuana yet. That is the most ridiculous plot twist I have ever heard. Do they think we’re stupid? Rona, we remember last season, heck, we remember the past ten seasons. Your party has always said legalizing pot would mean the end of the world. Now you’re upset because you can’t get your weed at Costco?

And what’s with Tony Clement? Every time he opens his mouth he’s saying that governments have to be transparent. Who are these people fooling? A couple of seasons ago Tony took fifty million dollars earmarked for border security and secretly spent it on gazebos in Ontario cottage country. I’m sorry, his character talking about transparency that just doesn’t ring true.

And then other main characters from last season they have been totally written out. According to the credits, Stephen Harper is still in the cast. He has yet to utter a single line. Why are they still paying this guy?

Look, it’s early in the season, granted I will still keep watching Question Period. And Rona, it’s okay to oppose. You are the Leader of the Opposition. But stop pretending like the past ten years didn’t happen. Despite appearances, it’s a democratic institution, not a soap opera; you just can’t pretend the past decade, poof, it was all a dream.

Rick Mercer RMR Rick's Rant Parliament Resumes

Rick Mercer RMR Rick’s Rant Parliament Resumes

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Rick Mercer RMR Rick’s Rant Parliament Resumes. Now you’re upset because you can’t get your weed at Costco? Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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