Rich Piana Slapping Jason Genova For Order 66


Jason Genova Meeting Rich Piana Order 66

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[Jason Genova Meeting Rich Piana Order 66]


[Rich Piana:]
Good to see you man, thanks for waiting.
[Jason Genova:] Do you know who I am?
[Rich Piana:] What’s up, brother, how you doing?
[Jason Genova:] Jason Genova.
[Rich Piana:] Who’s Jason Genova? I’m sorry…
[Jason Genova:] I’m a Youtuber, a Youtuber.
[Rich Piana:] I recognize the name.
[Jason Genova:] [inaudible]
[Rich Piana:] Oh yeah…
[Jason Genova:]
[Rich Piana:] Are we live right now?
[Background:] Ya, ya, you are.
[Rich Piana:] Hello brother.
[Background:] Are you taking a picture bruh.
[Background:] No we’re on camera.
[Background:] You got it alright.

[Jason Genova:] The king of the Order sixty-six. The king of the order sixty-six.
[Rich Piana:] What?! Let me ask you too, you ordered a 66 on me, right? Didn’t you do that once?
[Jason Genova:] Nooooooo.
[Background:] [Laughs]
[Rich Piana:] You never did?
[Jason Genova:] No.
[Rich Piana:] You swear?
[Jason Genova:] I did! I do.
[Rich Piana:] You did. Why would you do that?
[Jason Genova:] Cause I – I was just joking.
[Rich Piana:] You’re just joking?
[Jason Genova:] I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
[Rich Piana:] Let me ask you a question: When you do that, you kind of like, fucking with people’s social media, right? Sort of?
[Jason Genova:] Sort of?
[Rich Piana:] Do you think that’s cool?
[Jason Genova:] No.
[Rich Piana:] It’s not cool, right.
[Jason Genova:] No, it’s not cool. Sorry about that order 66.
[Rich Piana:] So you’d never do that again.
[Jason Genova:] No. I’ll never do it again.
[Rich Piana:] You promise?
[Jason Genova:] I promise.
[Rich Piana:] Cause honestly, like…
[Jason Genova:] Makes you look bad.
[Background:] Hurt his feelings?
[Jason Genova:] I’m sorry.
[Rich Piana:] Yeah… it doesn’t hurt my feelings. It just kinda pisses me off. You know?
[Jason Genova:] I’m sorry about this. I’m sorry.
[Rich Piana:] I feel like, I gotta do something back to you to get back to you, you know?
[Jason Genova:] I’m sorry, brother.
[Rich Piana:] Can I slap you around a little bit on camera?
[Jason Genova:] [Grim Laughing] Source:
[Rich Piana:] What do you think?
[Jason Genova:] No, I’m sorry, brother. I’m sorry brother. [Reaches for shoulder]
[Rich Piana:] Just a couple of slaps to make us even?
[Jason Genova:] How about a posedown? A Posedown!
[Rich Piana:] How about we slap? How about uh… how about we slap-box for like 5 seconds?
[Jason Genova:] All right.
[Rich Piana:] You wanna slap box?
[Jason Genova:] Yeah.
[Rich Piana:] For five seconds?

[Jason Genova:] Yeah. Source:
[Rich Piana:] You ready?
[Jason Genova:] Yeah.
[Rich Piana:] It’s Ok?
[Jason Genova:] It’s Ok?
[Rich Piana:] You not going to press charges?
[Jason Genova:] No.
[Rich Piana:] [Laughs] You ready?
[Jason Genova:] Yeah.
[Rich Piana & Jason Genova:] [Slap-box]
[Rich Piana:] [Smiles] You ready?
[Rich Piana:] [Smiles] You ready?
[Rich Piana:] [Smiles] You ready?
[Rich Piana:] [Smiles] You ready?
[Rich Piana:] [Smiles] Ready?
[Rich Piana:] [Smiles] You ready?
[Rich Piana:] [Smiles] You ready?
[Rich Piana:] [Smiles] Are we good?
[Rich Piana:] Are we all good?
[Jason Genova:] We’re good.
[Rich Piana:] So you’re never gonna do that again, right?
[Jason Genova:] Uh… bro…
[Rich Piana:] You promise.
[Jason Genova:] I promise.
[Rich Piana:] No more star six – what is it called?
[Jason Genova:] Order 66.
[Rich Piana:] So you learned your lesson? Right?
[Jason Genova:] Yup. I learned my lesson.
[Rich Piana:] So, no more of that.
[Jason Genova:] No more…
[Rich Piana:] It’s not cool.
[Jason Genova:] It’s not cool. Source:
[Rich Piana:] We all wanna be friends, right?
[Jason Genova:] Yup.
[Rich Piana:] Okay, so no more of that.
[Jason Genova:] No more.
[Rich Piana:] We all – we all need to get along.
[Jason Genova:] Yup.
[Rich Piana:] Alright.
[Jason Genova:] Yup.
[Rich Piana:] So no more of that shit.
[Jason Genova:] Sorry, brother. [Hugs Rich Piana]
[Rich Piana:] So we’re all good. [Hugs back]
[Jason Genova:] [inaudible]
[Rich Piana:] We’re friends.
[Jason Genova:] We’re friends.
[Rich Piana:] Alright, brother.
[Jason Genova:] Good seeing you, man.
[Rich Piana:] Alright, brother. Now, I like you.
[Jason Genova:] Yeah.
[Rich Piana:] I like you.
[Jason Genova:] I like you too.
[Rich Piana:] Alright, brother.
[Jason Genova:] I likes you too.
[Rich Piana:] Ok, cool. Awesome. Alright, guys… me and Jason are now friends.
[Jason Genova:] We’re friends.
[Rich Piana:] We got the best of that out of the way. Now, we’re friends, right? Brother.
[Jason Genova:] Ya, and you follow me on Twitter.
[Rich Piana:] Do I?
[Jason Genova:] Yeah, you follow me on Twitter.
[Rich Piana:] Alright. Awesome, brother.
[Jason Genova:] [inaudible]
[Rich Piana:] I’m proud of you.
[Jason Genova:] I’m proud of meeting you.
[Background:] That was awesome.
[Jason Genova:] I took it like a man. Man!
[Rich Piana:] You took it like a man.
[Jason Genova:] Yup.
[Rich Piana:] I appreciate it.
[Background:] Who ordered 66?
[Rich Piana:] No more order 66.
[Jason Genova:] [inaudible]
[Background:] Tell everybody you ordered 66.
[Jason Genova:] No more order 66.
[Background:] No, tell them you want to order 66, Rich Piana.
[Jason Genova:] No. No.
[Background:] Unorder.
[Jason Genova:] Unorder.
[Background:] You’ve been unordered.
[Background:] Unorder 66.
[Laughing] Source:

Rich Piana Slap Boxing Jason Genova

Rich Piana Slap Boxing Jason Genova

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