Resident Of Flint Speaks Out About The Water Crisis


Resident Of Flint Speaks Out About The Water Crisis

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[Resident Of Flint Speaks Out About The Water Crisis]

So in Flint, where the water has been proven over and over scientifically that it’s poison it’s toxic, it’s not getter better.

We pay the highest rates in the nation for the lowest quality of water.

We’re at Mission of hope where their water was shutoff I think for $1,200 water bill. My water bills are currently $1,049 as of today. We don’t want to pay it, we keep fighting to pay it, but…

What happens if you don’t pay the water bill?

If you – historically in Flint, if you don’t pay the water bill, they will shut you off after 90 days, cap your sewer, and then they can condemn your home. And if you don’t have proper hygiene for your kids, then CPS gets called in. It’s nice and wonderful, and then they could take your home. So people have lost their homes.

So they cap your water. You don’t have water coming in.

They cap the sewers. Source:

You don’t have – you don’t have poisonous water coming in.


And then they charge you for not having water coming in to your.

Oh, yeah, and if you don’t pay your water bill, they will put a tax lien on your property that includes your back water bill and people and 16,000 people or more have lost their homes.

So you lose your, so you lose your – I don’t know what the value of homes are here…

Not much

Lets say you have a home that is worth over $80,000.


But your tax lien is $1,000. You lose your $80,000 home to a $1,000 tax lien.

And then somebody can but it for a water bill.

Plus your $1,000 water bill, would you don’t have the $3,000 to pay the tax lien or the water bill, so now they have your house and your property for $2,000 and your kids.

And your kids!

Yeah. If you have no home, they can take your kids now. They keep saying they put a pause on shut-offs since we made it a huge national deal, no guarantee and we’re still getting water bills. So they put a pause on shut off’s, but we still got our water bills. So when that pause is lifted we’re all going to owe all this money.

Yeah. Source:

So we’re trying to get it wiped out and so far no help. You know – no help and many of us are still buying our own bottle water because getting down to the fire stations is almost difficult, if not possible, and there is some places that, there aren’t fire stations or grocery stores. I think North end, close to where we are right now.

So let me ask because we don’t live here, what is the sort of – how do you deal with it every day, how do you deal with, not having – I mean you don’t have drinkable, tolerable water at any…

We’re still…

Its city wide, right, city wide.

Its city wide. Unfortunately, we still have to bathe in it so you’re still getting exposed. I have a doctor’s appointment at 3:30 because I’m not getting any better. Um… I’m – with my family, we’re dealing with seizures, anemia, bone loss, bone breakage, diverticulosis, liver failure, that’s just me. Um… and as well as breathing issues, because you are breathing in a steam from the chemicals, so what you try to do, is you try to limit your kids exposure. You plan your meals…

You adapting to,

Yes, you plan your meals around how much bottled water you have. If you don’t have enough bottle water, you don’t get to make supper, you can’t rinse your meat, and your vegetables because you are not going to use that tap water. Um… the filters they give out don’t fit my sink because I have a pull out sprayer. Also we just found out that in a lot of homes it’s not enough anyways, the filters aren’t filtering out the high levels of led. So we just found out people who thought they were safe or not, the little plastic filters – surprise – may not be working.

As anyone given you testers so you will be able to test the water.

We have the – we have that – right now EPA’s and previously we were having to go to the city and state to test and then we have found out through research and freedom of information act from […] from ACLU that they were falsifying your tests.

Sure, I mean why?

So yes, so we have nobody…

Our trust is gone. We trust no one, so if somebody comes back and says your water is safe, there is no way we can believe it.

And in my house we have copper service line so our tub water turns blue every morning. And that’s completely unsafe it’s a neurotoxin led, [indiscernible] (03:15) are coming together. So every time I see blue water, I know that there is led in there. Led has no color. We also have aluminum, tin and chromium in our water, which are all neurotoxins.

Let me ask you a crazy question. Crazy question. Like I say we’re not here, what will it take to fix the costs, because you are here, your ground, this is ground zero for you, you are living it every day.

Yes. Source:

What will it take, if money were no object, what will it take to fix the problem because we don’t know. Cause we don’t live here.

Replacing the pipes. The pipes were damaged by the caustic untreated Flint river water. And so that’s the only thing that’s going to fix this is replacing the torn up pipes – they are just going to keep leaching the heavy metals into the water, we’re going to have to keep depending on people like you to…

To come from D.C. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Yeas, to come from D.C. from all across the country to help us.


Resident Of Flint Speaks Out About The Water Crisis

Resident Of Flint Speaks Out About The Water Crisis

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