Remi Gaillard – Gaming Pranks


Remi Gaillard – Gaming Pranks

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[Remi Gaillard – Gaming Pranks]

[Remi Gaillard (born 7 February 1975 in Montpellier, France):] Source:
Yes I’m a Video Games child, but an old school one. I’m almost born at the same time as Pac-man, Mario, Sonic.

Gamin Prank
Rémi Gaillard

When I’m dressed up as Mario driving a go-kart on the street, people usually ask me if this is dangerous. Of course it is, but I’m not crazy, I simply throws bananas. Is it really like that in the game? Does he throws bananas? And does he also throws turtles? They’ve simply copied me! Yes shooting Mario Kart was long…

It took us days. The first day I had everything: cap, gloves, moustache, the costume. Everything but the go-kart. Shit it’s burning! That was handled by my buddies. They not only film, but they’re also mechanics.

What the f&ck!?

And the 2nd day was more like a big try out, the time my cameraman notice all the shooting was fucked up! When I tell you my friends are jerks, its no legend. When I got flashed by the radar…

[Remi Gaillard:] Source:
I actually got flashed many times… You got to see how bad it was filmed. At first place, my guy “thought” he was filming… We’ll never see that…The second time… He was filming the sky. Then he filmed the ground. And right in the middle, there’s another guy taking a picture to have souvenir, or something… We’d probably have had a better video if the police did send us their camera footage.

By the way, when I got flashed again as Sonic, I look a tripod and filmed myself. In every video games, you’ve the bad guys, the level boss. But also you’ve same cool power items, you can be invincible and beat them. In Mario Kart, it’s a small yellow star that allow you to dash so they can’t catch you. In Sonic, it’s more like a giant bubble… You can’t get caught. That’s why I manage to make it with the police and security.

Same goes for Pac-man. You can’t eat “pac-dots” to beat the ghosts. But you need to be careful, doesn’t work with Golf balls. Actually the problem is not Golf balls… But golfers. Golfers are armed, they have a club. “Shit !”

“Ah, Putain!”

“Yeah, Putain!”

So its more complex. He killed me! He hurt me… if he didn’t have a club… What a fucker!

And I know the club’s brand! I know it cause I had a “W” on the leg. By the way, because golfers have complex psychology. They will require a deeper study… You try to steal my ball.

[Remi Gaillard:] Source:
Pac-man is like all my other videos, if I trust my friends I will have shitty footage. Thanksfully, when I prank people… Sometimes other people film with their phone, I get their footage and I do a better video. Even dressed in ghost they are bad. Yes cause the ghosts are my buddies.

When they don’t film, they ask if they can dressed up, and they are happy. Stop filming please, I said stop filming!


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Rémi Gaillard
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Remi Gaillard Gaming Pranks

Remi Gaillard Gaming Pranks

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