Release The Measurements


Release The Measurements

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[Release The Measurements]

It’s a dangerous time for Americans.

We need a president who can grasp the complexity of the world and hold off the decline of a great nation.

I want a president you will keep me and my family safe.

I want a president who can handle the economy.

That’s why we want to talk to you about Donald Trump.

If the White House phone rings at 3 am, could his little hands even pick up the receiver?

How can he create jobs if his hands are too small to shake on the deal?

When he decides to launch his nuclear war, will his stubby fingers even be able to push the button all the way down?

America deserves his hand measurements.

It’s time our country learned every inch of the truth.

So we’ve launched Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands PAC.

Go to to sign our petition.

Together we can learn if Donald Trump can truly handle being commander-in-chief.

Paid for by Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands PAC. And not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Donald Trump Has Tiny Hands

Donald Trump Has Tiny Hands


Production Credits:

Hands-on Parent – Ally Austin
Manual Laborer – Dinah Foley
Steady-Handed Soldier – Neeraj Srinivasan
Handsome Voiceover – Matt Dragon
Billionaire with Tiny Hands – Joe Bolenbaugh

Producer – Noah Heller
Director – Steven Bishop
Grip & Boom – Joe Bolenbaugh
Hair & Makeup – Livvy Manzano
Composer – Yehuda Samson, BUMA #793761986
Writer – Henry Kraemer

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