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Welcome to another episode of Wonders of the World Wide Web. In this episode, we’re going to talk about reddit.


You may have seen their commercial.

So install reddit on your computer today and have fun. Reddit is always fun.

What is reddit?

-Share news with the world!

Reddit is software that allows people to be their own editor. It’s very easy.


-Personal computer (IBM compatible)
-Color Graphics Adapter (CGA card)
-Reddit floppy disk Available in book stores

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If you want to use reddit, you’ll need a personal computer with at least a CGA card a modulator, demodulator and the reddit floppy disk, which you can order in your local book store. Let’s start reddit, after installing the software I opened reddit.exe. It immediately connects to the reddit network. As you can see read it is loaded. It may look a little complicated, but don’t be afraid reddit is as easy as changing the channels of your color television instead of TV channels reddit has subreddits.


-“Television channels” of reddit

If you want to know what subreddits, reddit has to offer type dir. Reddit will show you a list of subreddits. I want to read news about video games. So I type cd/r/videogames.

Reddit So I Type CD R Videogames

Reddit So I Type CD R Videogames

As you can see, I entered the subreddit, it shows a list with all the news about video games. I am interested in the game City Quest. So I type open/r/videogames/1348. This post includes an imgur image file, which you can view after installing the free imgur system file. Press ALT-I to download and view your image. Oh, and if you use imgur for the first time you have to run a graphic adapter test.

Your graphics adapter is compatible with CGA and EGA!
Press the spacebar to download your image file!

Now I press the spacebar to download the picture, wow, I’m so going to copy, I mean, by that awesome game. If you think that a post on reddit is radical, you can give it karma, I’ve entered a random subreddit about trees. This guy writes about an oak tree. I like his post. So I press the up arrow key after pressing the up key the karma number, which shows to what extent people like a submission becomes higher.

Reddit IAmA

Reddit IAmA


-Popular subreddit: I am a…

A subreddit where the karma is always very high is the popular subreddit I am a.

-Subreddit: known for AMAs

In this subreddit a user may post AMA’s.

-Digital press conference for all reddit users
-AMA = Ask Me Anything

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This is a digital press conference for all reddit users. AMA stands for Ask Me Anything isn’t that totally radical; two months ago Madonna answered questions of reddit users. And yesterday President Reagan posted an AMA.

Reddit Weird Subreddits

Reddit Weird Subreddits

Oh, and we’d also like to warn you. If you’re using reddit for the first time you may be surprised by the weird subreddit groups.

Weird subreddits


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But don’t worry, reddit isn’t weird, it just attracts weird people with a sick mind besides normal people like me of course. Well, this show has come to an end. So I’m going to post some reddit posts, because I don’t want to be a lurker. See you in the next episode. Bye.

Written by:
Jo Luijten
Twitter: @freedutch

Voice over:
Kinna McInroe
Twitter: @kinnamcinroe

Reddit commercial voice over:
Mark “Kush” Kushner
Twitter: @kushthecomedian
Facebook: search for “Big Kush”

Reddit commercial singer:
Kinna McInroe

QuickBASIC & editing:
Jo Luijten

Background music:
Jo Luijten

End credit music, brilliant ideas and advise:

Special FX:
Christopher Huppertz

Picture CGA card:
Jakub Torenc
CC BY-SA 3.0

City Quest graphic:
Ryan Nohr
Jon Rasmussen

Special thanks to:
Naftalie Vader
Moniek Coumans
Daniëlle Steenbrink
Ysbrand Otjes
Johan Siefken
Han Janssen
Ryan Nohr
Jon Ramussen
Maartje Mesken

Reddit In The 1980s

Reddit In The 1980s

Reddit In The 1980s. But don’t worry, reddit isn’t weird, it just attracts weird people with a sick mind. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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