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Rebtel Speak Freely

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Rebtel Speak Freely Speech

Rebtel Speak Freely Speech

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Speech. Speech is how we communicate. Speech is how we express our emotions and our feelings. Speech is how we say “I love you”. Speech is – okay guys, wait. I’m – I’m sorry, but are we really doing this? Really? Another one of these cinematic montages of random inspirational clips set over some poetic monologue of vague meaningless bullshit?

I mean, every company thinks that if they just show how multi-cultural and in-touch with the streets they are, then everyone’s going to rush out and buy whatever they’re selling. I mean, how am I supposed to take this ridiculously pretentious script, written by some English major in an ad agency and read it with any passion when we’re not even saying anything about what we actually do? I mean, do we really think that anyone’s going to have some life changing epiphany from a commercial? We’re, we’re not Gandhi, we’re a goddamn app. I mean, Jesus, this is like stock footage. I can’t believe anyone signed up… What the fuck, it is stock footage! We just sat through like a minute of stock footage and haven’t said anything about what we do. Oh, oh great, but at least we got, you know, another breakdancing shot in there, now we’re, we’re really going to corner that breakdancing market, guys. Good thinking. Great job. Okay, finally! Internet free international calling, $1 a month. Rebtel. God, I fucking hate advertising.

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Rebtel Speak Freely

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