Raven Rescue Crow


Raven Rescue Crow

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[Raven Rescue Crow]

Attempt number two. “Cahhh” Oh, he’s good I think. “Cahhh”

I just want to help. Come here. Come here. Here. Look, come up here. Can’t you fly? Can’t you fly?

Yeah, he’s well, I don’t know.

Can’t you fly?


Here we go.

Oh, there’s one.


Yeah, oh, yeah.

Yeah, boy…

Good job mom.

Good boy.

Good job.

It’s amazing. Are you taping this?


That a boy.

Good job.


Oh, he is getting…

No, okay, okay. Hairy boy, look at the other one, look at the other one. “Cahhh”
I know. I know.

He is just screaming at. I think he is trying to like bite you.



There we go. That’s two.

Okay, I got it. Oh, I got it. Ho ho ho that a boy, that a boy…

Are you still taping this?

Yes, hood job mom.

Yeah, boy, get it one more. One more…


He’ss like, you hurt me.

I know, I know, I hurt. I know. I just got one more to get out. That’s all, just one more. That’s all. Go. Let me get the other one, come on, awww that a boy…

This is amazing.

Let me to kiss him. Okay.

It’s going to hurt.


I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, “Cahhh” I know. I just want to get that last one.

One more buddy.

Let me get that last one. Aw… I know.


I guess it’s somebody else’s pedaling…


Oh, there we go. Good.

I got it…


Oh, yeah that a boy…

Yeah, man.

Oh, look how big there are.

Look let me see.

I know. Oh, let’s see, show me.

It’s a huge thing, right, three closer…

Watch your hand.

Three quills out.

Oh you got one in your wing?


Yeah. I know…

No, no, now that I’m all better.


It was funny.

Okay, [Dog Name] is down there.

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Raven Rescue Crow

Raven Rescue Crow

Raven Rescue Crow. I just want to help. Come here. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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