Rain Florence Urine Therapy


Rain Florence Urine Therapy

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[Rain Florence Urine Therapy]

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Hello everybody Rain Florence day 3 of urine therapy. Wow… amazing benefits. Amazing benefits. It’s getting a little bit easier, the more research I do the more understanding I have of how beneficial it is to drink your urine. If you are skeptical just do some research there’s has been many articles writing on the healing benefits, the Yogis actually used urine therapy to open their third eye so that they can transcend. But over all I have been having some detox symptoms, I have had a little bit of a headache yesterday and if that happens you can decrease the amount that you’re taking in, and I don’t know, it’s interesting I’m just – I’m just trying it, just to see what I notice, so far I have also been rubbing it on my skin – you just take like a rag and – and then you just rub it into your skin – there is lots of face creams that have extracts of urine – but urine is actually much better, than the synthetic chemicals that they derive and I have noticed that my skin is looking more beautiful – I mean it’s just amazing.

I have a little bit of ache up on my forehead. So I’m hoping it will go away – I’ll – I’ll let you know the results that I have – supposedly like women – women from France used to bathe in urine. I guess they would just pee in their bath and rub it all over their skin —

Hey… so I’m decreasing the amount that I’m taking in – I’m probably – I don’t know – I just take like three or four big gulps — this is like my third big gulp.


Sometimes I do have that reaction but overall it’s really not that bad.

Especially if it’s giving me all the vitamins and minerals that I need.

So I’m just – just evaluating my bodies seeing how I feel and I encourage you if you think that drinking urine is nasty. Challenge your beliefs, you know, do some research – always challenge what you believe – there’s actually some people out there the believe breastfeeding is nasty and breastfeeding is so beneficial so open your mind to new possibilities and you know, maybe your health will improve over time.

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Wooooah… I don’t know it’s just – it’s just one of those things – those things you have to get over. Definitely good to challenge your beliefs – argh… okay, I’m going to take one more big gulp- I’m going to call it good for day 3 of urine therapy.

Oh golly, okay, I will see you later stay tuned please subscribe – if you would like to know more about my results for Urine Therapy.

Rain Florence Urine Therapy

Rain Florence Urine Therapy

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