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[Quiet Orinda]

It’s a picturesque town surrounded by oak covered hills, a tightly knit community. Orinda is a city that embodies peace and tranquility, but there is a problem.

[Leaf Blower Sound]

I hear the noise all day because the hills that we love, living here in Orinda, the noise reverberates all over the place.

I think it’s a problem all over Orinda. I don’t think there is a day that I don’t hear at least one, a leaf blower being used.

In our particular neighborhood, there are six different homes utilize the same gardener.

On Saturdays, we have between four to six hours of continuous leaf blowing surrounding our property.

There are some afternoons, where we cannot use our backyard because the noise of the leaf blowers is so loud. It really disturbs the children.

It’s just the mind jarring noise.

[Leaf Blower Sound] Source: LYBIO.net

Noise levels

Average home – 50dB
Conversations – 60dB
Heavy Truck – 85dB
Leaf Blower – 100+ dB – 1 Mile Range

I think it’s very stressful because I am constantly thinking, okay, okay that house has stopped and then it starts up somewhere else.

Michael Kron, M.D.
People will describe increased heart rate and feeling their chest pounding or their head pounding even when these leaf blowers aren’t even running.

Even if its couple houses away, it doesn’t matter, the fumes move through the air.

Air Pollution

30% of Raw Fuel Enters Air
1.5 Million Gallons of Fuel Per Day
586 Million Gallons Annually

It becomes kind of a quality of life issue for me. The leaf blowers blow all kinds of material into the air and we’re most concerned about our children because we know the incidence of asthma is on the rise and we’re very concerned about what our girls are breathing here in beautiful Orinda.

[Leaf Blower Sound]

Asthma Cases

4.5 Million
15% Chindren
5,000 Deaths Per Year

When the guys are blowing the leaves and all the other stuff, they can’t hear anybody approaching. They can’t hear cars. They can’t hear people, walking, running, even if they turn it off, there’s still a big plume of stuff floating around. It gets in your eyes. I can feel it in my throat.

Particulate Matter

Fecal matter

The stuff that they’re bringing up from the ground, from the bushes, is not stuff that belongs in people’s lungs.

We basically have to close the doors and windows and retreat inside.

No house is sealed. If your gardener or your neighbor’s gardener causes a dust storm, closing the doors and closing the windows does not protect from these particles.

We sent a letter around describing the noise, describing that we haven’t been able to use our property on Saturday, and only one home moved their service.

We’re kind of stuck unless we take some type or make a community offer to try to really band the use of blowers, in particular. I could handle the lawn mowers. I could handle electronic dethatchers. The blowers are the big issue.

Cities with Leaf Blowers Bans

Mill Valley
400 Cities in America

I’ve lived in communities where leaf blowers have been banned. And the beauty and the peacefulness of life in those areas is preserved.

I think that brooms and rakes are a great solution. We want to enjoy where we live and you can take care of it without had people blowing leaves and dust and junk all over the place.

I don’t think that the electric leaf blower, although it may be quieter, I don’t think it solve particulate matter in the air, the health issue.

I think people can simply ask their landscaping service to pick up a broom and a rake, which they have to anyways at some point in the process.

In my opinion, you pay a pretty nice price to live here and I have the right to enjoy the community as it should be, not the community that’s been infiltrated with noise that’s extremely bothersome.

I don’t think that having a perfectly manicured yard or garden is anywhere near worth the sacrifice for all of our health, ability to breathe, ability to have peace and quiet, enjoy the town we live in, I don’t think any of that’s worth it.

Ban Leaf Blowers Now

Switch to Rakes & Brooms
Sign the Leaf Blower Ban Petition

Join us at www.quietorinda.com

Ban Leaf Blowers Now

Ban Leaf Blowers Now

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