Psychotic Cheater Gets Served


Psychotic Cheater Gets Served

Psychotic Cheater Gets Served! by e-mob

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[Psychotic Cheater Gets Served]


Okay, so we’re catching my boyfriend cheating and meeting up with another girl right now who I have been connecting with.

Do I get a hug?

[Sam:] Source:
Son of a fucking bitch.

What’s up Sam?

[Sam:] So is that your big fucking joke, I mean, is that your big joke. You think that was funny?

How is your neck?


How’s that car accident?

Oh come on Sam, where are you going?

Hey you got caught. It’s okay.

Where are the cops – that was the fastest accident ever.

[Sam:] You really…


[Sam:] But you’re still cute.

I mean, how does it feel though, you know.

Yeah you got caught Sam. What do you have to say? Anything? I am a fucking bitch right, that’s what you said. Right. You can’t believe I would tear your relationship apart? I’m the only girl for you, right.

And he proposed to me via e-mail.


Oh and the same ring you gave to me, you gave to her?

[Sam:] No, not the same ring. I got you a different one.

He got… First he gave me her ring and then he got me a new one.

[Sam:] Source:
No actually first I gave you her ring I gave to [Maddy]…

Don’t walk towards me like that – no!

[Sam:] I gave it to Maddy

We know how you are.

You’re unbelievable.

[Sam:] You’re a lot less …

Honestly, you can say whatever you want it’s not going to help actually…

I think she is way prettier in person.

You got caught Sam.

See yah!.

You got caught, that’s all it is! Stay the fuck away from me. Stay away from [Name]. Stop, stay away from here. Stay the fuck away from her. STAY AWAY FROM HER! STAY THE FUCK AWAY! GO!!! GO! STOP! STOP! PLEASE STAY — Go… go.. Sam go. Leave. .

[Sam:] [Indiscernible]

Sam don’t.

[Sam:] Source: L Y B I O . N E T
Fuck you and your [indiscernible].

Run, run, run, run, run.

We’re going to call security.

He’s just a crazy crazy ex.

Why don’t you guys.

Psychotic Cheater Gets Served

Psychotic Cheater Gets Served

Psychotic Cheater Gets Served. So we’re catching my boyfriend cheating. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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