Psycho Woman Goes On A Rampage With 2 Children Father Doesn’t Do Anything


Psycho Woman Goes On A Rampage With 2 Children Father Doesn’t Do Anything

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[Psycho Woman Goes On A Rampage With 2 Children Father Doesn’t Do Anything]


Daddy please give her – so mad. Source:

Michelle. Stop now. Give me my phone, now.

Please stop the fucking give me now. And stop the bullshit.

Get me my phone.

If I lose another kid because of you I will kill you and I will kill James and I will kill Jacob. I’ll kill all three of you. I’m going to start with James ‘cause I hate him the most. Get me my phone now. Right now! Get me my phone now! You cannot keep doing as you said, you will not do this again, now give me my fucking, God, I hate you.

You’re just making no madder don’t you understand that…

Can you please stop — give it to me…now!!!

All right, I’ll go get James again.

If you give her her phone, it will stop this…

I’m going to go get James then…

No, it’s in, she had her phone before she started this.

I understand that, but do you want it to stop or not. Do you wanted to stop or not?

Daddy, please stop…

Can you stop this please? Because if I have to do it, there is going to be bigger problems, I’m not kidding.

[So does your mom – so does your dad]

You better come down from here now.

Get my phone or I’m going to keep hitting him. I will kill him. I don’t care I hate this kid…

Daddy, please give her…

Michelle, do you know what’s going on here? Source:

But I know what he said to me…

No…I hate you.

You don’t care, you don’t care about your other child…

If I lose my kid…

Get my phone. Get my phone.


He is not giving it to you.

Then I’m going to [hits child]…Do you like watching your son be abused because I’m going to keep doing, give me my fucking phone.

Daddy please give her, her phone.

I’ll just chase you.

Get out of the bed and leave James alone.

Give me my phone. I’m fucking sick of you, I’m really sick of this little fucker, I just want you to die James, no one loves you, not me, not your brother, not your daddy, especially not your mom. Your mom hates the most, that’s why she let you because she didn’t want you, and she didn’t love you.

Come with me. Come with me. Come on let’s go.

Give me my phone now! Give me my phone.

You fucking hit him in the head with a spoon.

Go! Go into this room, go –

He deserves it.

into my room, go. Just get into my room.

He deserves it, he deserves every little last piece of…all right.

Daddy, can you just lock the –

Of the shelf, stop it…stop already. [indiscernible]

Yes, I know, I know put your shoes on. Source:

But I can’t get past this glass.

Go get your shoes on…

Use my phone now, he’s not giving it to you –

Jacob, come here.

Just give [Michelle] her phone.

That’s not her phone, [Brandon]. If she changed like that more, she’s going to go jail today. Go get your shoes on.


Go get shoes on.

What are we doing? I’m scared daddy.

Stay out there…

What are we doing daddy?

We’re leaving!

Are we going to make Michelle stay here for a little bit.

Michelle ain’t staying here.

What you’re going to do.

Where’s my shoes?

I got to get my kids out of here.

I was going to take all the kids to my house, but I don’t know what to do about Ethan…


Can I call your sister, do you want me to call your sister?

There — you’re not taking my son anywhere, I want my phone so I can call my mom and go live with her. Because I’m done being your fucking Cinderella and you’re fucking sex slave, because let me tell you something first of all, you ain’t worth it. And I don’t want to have sex with… I’m gonna fuckin….

Would you stop already…

Come here I want to hit you again. Come here. Come on let me hit you. Please give me my phone.

Ethan because it’s somebody else fucking why don’t you doesn’t fucking do something right now.

I will call the cops and I will take making fucking leave and all of you will get in trouble. You need to calm down.

…then tell him to do….

Shut your fucking mouth. Get out of my house.

No, zip your fucking lip.

Go fuck her, you wanted to fuck her all this time, go fuck her – you asshole. GO fuck her there she is.

You got shoes on Jacob?

If you go anywhere, you will be sorry, and I know you’re more afraid of me than you are of him, and you — I just don’t like you, so please go play in traffic and get hit by a car so you’re dead. Because no one wants you around ever.

Hurry up.

You’re not taking my truck.

I don’t need your truck.

Where they going?

Away from you.

Please kick him out in the car, and let him be dead cause if anybody needs to die it’s him, I hate this kid, every fucking day he does this shit to be and you just let him, you never stick out for me, when I’m the one raising this little bastard that your own mother didn’t want – you know that – your mommy didn’t want you, you’re mommy doesn’t love you, and she doesn’t love you either and she doesn’t want you either. She didn’t want either one of you, she just wanted uncle Peter — That’s all she wanted not you two.

Get in the car, the van.

Don’t you dare. I need my phone, please give it to me now. Give me my phone!

Take a trip to your mothers.

You said that you would stop doing this shit to me. When I came back and what did you do? You still fucking harass me about sex. Don’t you. You still take away my phone, don’t you? You are not leaving this house. You’re going to leave in a body bag, in a body bag, do you hear me, you will leave in a body bag. Why do you always do this to me, you promised things would get better, get out of the car now, get out of the car. Get out.

Stop touching him. Get off of my car.


And I’m going to knock your bike down.

Come on Jacob.

You’re not going anywhere. Nope. You’re not going anywhere.

Get in the car.

If you leave with him you’re dead to me too.

Jacob get in the car, please.

If you leave to me, you’re dead too. You know, this is all your brothers fault because you couldn’t behave this keep his hands to himself, right James. Jacob. James this is all your fault everything is your fault.

Get in the car please, Jacob.

Your fault.

You know that right, this is your fault.

I know, come on please get in the car. I’m your dad, Michelle is not your mother. So please get in the car.

You don’t have a mom because your mom doesn’t love you and she doesn’t want you.

Please get out of the way, so I can leave…

Where are you going?

I’m going away from you in this situation.

I want a phone.

Then go get one.


Give me my phone back now.

You don’t have, my phone is not yours. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Psycho Woman Goes On A Rampage With 2 Children Father Doesn't Do Anything

Psycho Woman Goes On A Rampage With 2 Children Father Doesn’t Do Anything

Psycho Woman Goes On A Rampage With 2 Children Father Doesn’t Do Anything. Come here I want to hit you again. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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