Pro Trump Veteran SAVE THE DAY Response


Pro Trump Veteran SAVE THE DAY Response

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[Pro Trump Veteran SAVE THE DAY Response]

[Save The Day Vote]

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th.

I know this because some famous actors told me.

Thanks famous actors.

Thanks famous actors.

Thanks famous actors.

I had no idea.

No idea.

I was just thinking sometime in December, maybe January.

Wait it’s this year?

Oh… I thought it was over.

It turns out this election is important.

Really important.

Really important.

Really, really…


Because I thought it was you know…

No big deal.

Again thanks famous actors because…

Its times like these when we realize just how lucky we are to have…

Famous Hollywood actors.

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To guide us.

To guide us.

They know stuff we just don’t know.

Stuff we can’t know.

Because we’re not a famous actors.

And they are not just acting smart.

They are smarter.

They are smarter.

And thank goodness they made it clear that we must vote for Hillary.

I could have made a terrible mistake without their help.

I thought Clinton deleting all those email’s was…

Dishonest and corrupt.

And put our National Security at risk.

But now we know it was all just an accident.

Just an accident.

It was just an accident.

An accident that could happen to any of us, I mean who among us…

Could accidentally hit the delete button 30,000 times.

30,000 times.

30,000 times.

I’m actually quite embarrassed I was going to vote for Trump.

Before checking with…

Scarlett and…

Robert or…

That little dude who wasn’t something.

I mean, I almost voted for Donald Trump just because he knows how to turn things around.

He wants to secure our borders.

Protect our religious freedoms.

Wipe ISIS off the face of the earth.

Of the face of the earth.

Let American companies compete on an even playing field.

And let us keep more of a hard earned money.

But now I know thinking that way was just plain.

It was just plain.



Let’s be honest.

When a bunch of famous actors take time out of their busy day…

To have their driver take them to the studios so they can look right into the camera…

And share their collective wisdom and insights well.

You just have to pay attention.

I just wish they would offer their advice more often.


Where to invest my money?

How to raise my kids?

Whether I should take that job in Cincinnati?

What that lump is on my elbow?

Well, they certainly were right about one thing, your vote really does matter.

Really does matter.

Your vote does matter.

So on November 8th please join us in sending a loud and clear message.

To each and everyone of those Hollywood Einsteins.


Thank you.


For nothing.

For nothing.

For nothing.

Thanks for nothing.


Let’s Make America Great Again.

Pro Trump Veteran SAVE THE DAY Response

Pro Trump Veteran SAVE THE DAY Response

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