President Donald J. Trump Croatia Second Saric Marekovic Tomac Production


President Donald J. Trump Croatia Second Saric Marekovic Tomac Production

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[President Donald J. Trump Croatia Second Saric Marekovic Tomac Production]


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Dear Mr. President, we know that some other important European countries have already introduced themselves, but this video will show Croatia is the best. Our tiny country is HUGE. Very beautiful country. Ask anyone from Croatia. We have mountains, valleys, islands and a huge Coast. Coast that is so full of gorgeous women that all Europeans are coming to see. Crazy. But it’s true.

We know you’ll love our beautiful city of Dubrovnik. It’s old, it’s beautiful and it has walls all around it. Big walls. BEST walls in Croatia. Last year they shoot Star Wars there, a movie about an evil Emperor that rules the galaxy and everybody who is against him dies. You’ll enjoy that movie. It will be your favorite.

Politicians in our country are absolutely amazing. They love money so much, one of them even used our money to collect his hunting trophies. It’s true. You can just buy politicians in Croatia, they are really cheap. You won’t believe it.

Some people in Croatia call them homophobic fascists but those people are WRONG. Fake News. They are great human beings, fantastic people. Just like you Mr. President. Do you know our president? She’s amazing. She’s a really big fan of you Mr. President. She tried to visit you in the White House awhile back, but you weren’t home. Our First Lady is Mrs. Jacobs. He’s the best in enduring. It’s true. Absolutely amazing.

No disrespect to Melania. We share your love for Slovenian women. We’re the best in loving Slovenian women during the summer. They’re the best. And Slovenia is a small country. Ask anyone, it’s true. And they suck at building walls! That’s not even a wall!

Fake wall!

If you need help building your wall, we have the best people for building things. Bosnians. They’re the best builders. Ask anyone. It is true. They build everything in Croatia.

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Did you know Croatia is the birthplace of the tie? We invented it when we served the Napoleon’s army. Crazy. But It’s true. But we have small tie’s, not like yours Mr. President. Your tie is HUGE! It’s the best. You have THE BEST tie!

But we have the best inventions. We invented electricity. You’re welcome world! Inventory Nikola Tesla was a Croatian. Really, really smart person. Not like you! You’re much smarter.

Long live comrades who are gathered here at the meeting for

Our neighbors from Serbia say that’s not true! But that’s not true at all. It is true! Ask anyone. They tried to make Serbia GREAT again, but they failed. Complete losers. Amazing people! We have great relations. The best relations.

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Mr. President we are perfectly aware that you have to make America first. And we also would like to suggest to put Germany second. We love Germany! Big friends! Much love! But please, Mr. President can you make Croatia third?

God bless America. And after he’s finished blessing America. God bless Croatia!

From this day forward it’s going to be only America first. America first.

Croatia Second Saric Marekovic Tomac Production

Croatia Second Saric Marekovic Tomac Production

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