Poop Trucks Of Dubai


Poop Trucks Of Dubai

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[Poop Trucks Of Dubai]


You are seeing…fucking the shit trucks.

Here’s all the poop trucks. All lined up. How much Mark?

10,000 gallons…

10,000 gallons each. The line up starts here, it goes around the corner.

That’s a lot of curry baby.

That’s a lot of poop baby.

Lot of poop, poop curry.

Should we go down… Source: LYBIO.net

Absolutely. As long as we can turn around.

Yeah, we turn around a couple of miles.

Jesus H. Christ, how much shit is there in Dubai?

So you can see the poop trucks are lined up for miles and miles and miles and miles. Nobody is moving.

We’re going to get in a head-on collision.

But with the poop truck.

Don’t hit fuck hit there…

Otherwise we’re going to fucking jail. Look at that one, Jesus H. Christ.

There is a happy poop truck driver, because he is going to get some more poop.

But he’s been lined up since yesterday.

See he was smiling?

This guy’s beard turned orange because he has been soaking it in poop.

How far does it go Mark?

Don’t hit this fuck, he’s drinking his own poop juice. Fuck I don’t know [Bobby.] There is a lot of shit baby…

Look at it, oh my god.

Hey Mr. Poop driver. Jesus Christ Bobby. Jesus H. Christ, holy fucking, it never ends.

It doesn’t, oh my god?

It’s a continuous loop.

Look at that. Just goes and goes and goes…

It is a continuous loop Bobby. It goes around the City of Dubai.

Oh my god!

Hey, give me the camera. Source: L Y B I O . N E T

Poop Trucks Of Dubai

Poop Trucks Of Dubai

Poop Trucks Of Dubai. Lot of poop, poop curry. Jesus H. Christ, how much shit is there in Dubai? Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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