Polite Huskies & Begging Cat


Polite Huskies & Begging Cat

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[Polite Huskies & Begging Cat]

Huskies, I have got Cheese rind. Polar sit. Good, sit. Huskies gentle.

Polar, Polar gentle, gentle. Good boy.

[Tashi], sit. Good, sit. Gentle. Good gentle.

[Figgie], do you want some cheese too.

Tashi leave it.

So that’s a yes. Okay, one more time.

Polar sit. Good, sit. Good boy. Gentle. Gentle. Oh, good dog. Good boy. Polar, good boy. And Tashi, gentle, good girl. Tashi, good girl.

Polite Huskies & Begging Cat

Polite Huskies & Begging Cat

Polite Huskies & Begging Cat. Good, sit. Huskies gentle. Siberian Huskies Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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