Pigeon Prank Call


Pigeon Prank Call

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[Pigeon Prank Call]

Summing up pest control for a prank.

Good evening pest control, can I help you?

Hello is that the pest control people?

It is yes.

Fantastic, and it’s Johnson speaking, do you deal with pigeons?

Um…we don’t normally, but let me pass you to Garry.

Okay, fantastic.

He’s the pest-control officer. Have a quick chat with him.

Okay, I’ll will do, thank you.

One moment please.


Hello, is that Gary?

It is.

Hi, Gary. Do you deal with pigeons?

In what respect?

In the respect that they’re – they’re everywhere and I need them taken care off.

Where about are you?

I’m in Surrey.



Long way on by… [Indiscernible] Source: LYBIO.net

In Richmond, Richmond, Surrey.

Yeah what I’ve been there obviously North London.

Oh dear would you not be able to travel?

I can travel, what is occurring to these pigeons. Source: LYBIO.net

Well, what’s not occurring Gary, I mean they’re fucking everywhere. I see pigeons, they’re more like fucking condors mate, I mean they are all over the place. They’re shitting everywhere. I’ve got a Bentley GT Continental in the drive. They shit all over it. It looks like a fucking igloo. They’re just making my life a misery. I mean the biggest one you should see the size of it – it’s putting a shadow over the house like something out of Independence Day – I’m expecting Jeff fucking Goldblum to pop out the shed! Couple of them outside on the lawn right now playing swing ball. One of them in the pool with a fucking peach daiquiri reading Heat Magazine, I mean it’s just – it’s just beyond a joke it’s so stressful.

My son Jimmy has gone missing. Went up on the roof earlier, they fucking nicked him, raising him as one of their own. It’s just beyond a joke. I don’t know why they’re hanging around. My wife’s probably fucking one of them. That’s what it is, lets face it – she fucks anything that moves – that hoe. Um…but yes it – it just really is – is quite – quite stressful at the moment. Looking at bastard look at the size of him. It’s like Falcor out of the Never-ending Story, Jesus. And so yeah, I mean what sort of course of action would you take the pigeons Gary?

Shoot them. Source: LYBIO.net

Shoot them, oh that would be fantastic, I’d like you to get around here, with a crack team of boys and shoot the fuck out of them, little bastards. I caught one of them in the kitchen earlier making a fucking omelette, he had my apron on the cheeky bastard. I mean what the fuck. I mean its – it’s just nonstop stress mate to be honest with you. And I would, care, I would definitely like something done about it. I just don’t need it.

Pigeon Prank Call Comedy

Pigeon Prank Call Comedy

Pigeon Prank Call. Shoot them, oh that would be fantastic, I’d like you to get around here, with a crack team of boys and shoot the fuck out of them, little bastards. Comedy Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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