Physics Is So Freaking Cool


Physics Is So Freaking Cool

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[Physics Is So Freaking Cool]

The Add-A-Sphere

It’s a garden ornament easy to assemble and install in your pond.

First, you assemble the base by taking one ring and fitting each of the four legs into the four flanges.

Then take the second ring and place it on the four legs.

The sphere is placed on the second ring held up by these legs.

Once in the water, use a shop-vac, hot dog, power equipment and the plastic pipe included to fill this sphere with water.

The shop-vac takes the way the air inside and forces the water to take its place in just a matter of seconds.

Leave some air at the top of this sphere and pull the tube out quickly after you shut off the shop-vac, otherwise the water will escape back out.

We have this sphere already to go and we’re going to see if we can get the fish to go in there and eat and give us a big show.

We’ll, just go ahead and put that down under there. And let the food go and see if those fish will come ahead.

Here is an innovative way to feed your fish. This is the neat part with the same tube place this food reservoir at the end of it. The reservoir has handle that opens as you raise it through the opening of the bottom of the sphere. The food is released and usually floats to the top. In matter of minutes the fish will come to feed. And you get to enjoy the wonderful display of fish above the pond surface.

Physics Is So Freaking Cool

Physics Is So Freaking Cool

Physics Is So Freaking Cool. Enjoy the wonderful display of fish above the pond surface. Complete Full Transcript, Dialogue, Remarks, Saying, Quotes, Words And Text.

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